Monday, 9 April 2012

Ease of memorizing Al-Quran

By: Shaykh Abu Mu'min Syadi, MA. of Palestine

Talks about memorizing Qur'aan 'Azza Wa Jalla is a very important matter for the people of the prophet Muhammad. because this is a very important case for community safety, kindness, and happiness, then surely this nation has enough of the other. Because the Quran is complete when penghafalannya, friendship, and peace with him, then at that man does not need to look for happiness or safety. Because he will find it in the Book of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla.Furthermore, the problem of memorizing Al Karim Qur'anul ijtihad open problems, and nor could or could not be a problem. Because God has created human beings have different abilities in many ways. Karim Al Qur'anul trouble memorizing is understanding the problem. Do we understand the value of Al-Karim Qur'anul? Do we understand the goodness Qur'anul Al-Karim? Do we understand the glory of Al-Karim Qur'anul? Here's the questions. If we understand the urgency, the majesty, value, goodness, the glory of Al Qur'anul Karim, then after that the problem will become very easy.The first question addressed to us before we started memorizing the Qur'an, before opening the Qur'an Manuscripts and want to memorize it, ask yourself: if I memorized the Koran as an obligation, or did I memorize the Qur'an because of the need ? Do I need a Koran, or Qur'an need me? Here are important questions to be answered: why do I memorize the Qur'an? If the individual can answer these questions, then after that he will be able to memorize the Qur'an. Because the problem is the issue of gains and losses, such as one plus one equals two. So ghoyah / goal is to memorize the principle of penghafal. How is this possible?In the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah, Hell on the Day of Resurrection ignited the first to whom? The first cast into hell is not the thoghut, the perpetrators, the fornicators, thieves, nor even the unbelievers. But is the Qori 'or Hafidh Al Qur'an as the hadith the Messenger of Allah. : Hell first turned on for three people. First to qori 'of the Qur'an, when he was brought in he said: "O my Rabb reading, learning and teaching of the Qur'an for You" it is said:"You memorize the order said Hafidh / Qori ', and it has been said, then seretlah to hell".And the second is the one who berinfaq, he said: "O Lord, truly I have berinfaq in Your way" then said: "you say berinfaq so generous, and it has been said, then seretlah to hell". And the third is a mujahid, he said: "O my Rabb and fought jihad in Your way". Then said to him: "you strive to be brave to say, and it has been said, then seretlah to hell." (Quoted by Muslim, At Turmudzi, An Nasa'i, and Ahmad from Abu Hurayrah, pent.)
So the purpose of memorizing is very important. Do I memorize the Qur'an that people say I Hafidh, a sanad, diploma qiro'ah 'asyrah, or sheikh? Or I want people to know: "This occasion my son so much, he memorized the Quran, so i juz memorized" so that people tell you "my God, you are so familiar!" Is this your goal?!If the goal like this, then maybe you can memorize the Quran, as you can do anything. But most importantly if we memorize the Holy Qur'an Allah for salvation? So the first is to set goals: "I memorized the Qur'an in order to survive in the sight of Allah". Then the intention must Ikhlash solely because of Allah swt. As we all know the hadith narrated by 'Umar bin Al Khatthab ra. "It really depends on the charitable intentions, and indeed for everyone is what he intended" (quoted from Bukhari and Muslim, pent). so the problems associated with intention. Should Ikhlash. This is the first.Secondly, Al Isti'anah Billah (asking for help to God) and begged him. For those who want to memorize the Qur'an, Qur'an is easy, but he (Muhammad) is not required except from the right, that is with you ask God Almighty to begged, with attitude is needed, it is hoped, and very wanted. What if you need something in the business world, you ask God. For example: "O Allah bestow to my descendants" you cried, you pray night and prayed: "O Allah bestowed upon my son, daughter bestowed upon me, O Allah, keep your wife / husband and me, oh Lord Take care of my child O Allah cure my mother was sick, heal the sick .. my son! "do not you ask God to the very begged and cried?! Similarly, the Qur'an must be asked of God, because the Qur'an is Kalamullah. That's when the Koran becomes a real obsession, not just say I want to memorize the Qur'an. Like the other sciences or the school, you can learn anything in school, all of which place is on the mind. It is you do out of necessity, like a diploma, to be a bachelor, or master. Does not mean it engau sue? This is something logical. But Al Qur'anul Karim, you have to ask him to God and pleaded with great.The third is Ash Ath Thalab Shidq Fi (right in the application). What is the meaning of Ash Shidq? Not just shidq Al qaul (right in berkataan), but also shidqul 'charity, shidqul fi'li, shidqul' Azm, and Ash Shidq in realizing 'Azm. Five levels in Ash Shidq. But when Ash looked Shidq Al haqiqi?That is if you practice memorizing amaliah, shidqul qoul, shidqul fi'li, and shidqul 'Azm. 'Azm essential. And 'Azm is not possible unless we understand the value and urgency Karim Al Qur'anul which we will detail in the Final.
What about Ash being Shidq in practice? Ie, you set a time one hour for each day of the Qur'an. Ash is not an attitude Shidq, for example one day you Calling a classmate and want to come to your house at the time qur'anmu, then you come out and say Ahlan wasahlan. This is wrong and diversion. The question, which is more important: friends or Qur'an?! An hour or an hour with your friends with God?I ask you, if you have an appointment - I know you're in Indonesia rather problematic in the affairs of the promise - if your friend promised you that he will come to you at five, but he came at seven, would not you be angry?! And you say: "why are you late, why did you leave it alone? The more noble Qur'an, the Qur'an does not accept the allies.If you create a schedule with the Qur'an, then you should keep them. We get angry when people late for an appointment with us. And what about our promise to God?! Which is more important you keep it just his word, God or man? Be true to God. Therefore, when the Qur'an is a sacred time. So here is Ash Ash Sidq Shidq in practice. If you break your time with the Qur'an only once, and you will do each time violations. There is not any reason that justifies the absence of Ash Shidq attitude to the Qur'an. It is very important.The fourth, Shuhbatul Qur'an (the friendship with the Qur'an). Allah Almighty says: "Remember, with the dhikr of Allah do hearts calm" (Surat ar-Ra'd: 28). So if you want to memorize the Quran, not foreign to the Qur'an. Bagamana you want to memorize the Qur'an, but you do not open the Qur'an in a week but only one times, or once every three days?!. If so you will not be able to memorize the Qur'an. then you must make the Qur'an as a friend. Ash Shuhbah (Social) that will help in memorizing. If the Quran has become a special friend, then you will be able to memorize the Quran easily.What if you feel sad or tired, you will certainly find the nearest person to you right? For example, your mother, your brother, or friend at school. You complain to him, you sit with him and expressed: "I'm sad, I had this problem and that". The Quran must be the most familiar to us from the people closest to us, which the Qur'an into our complaints and resting places of our souls. And when the Quran has to be you friend, then again the Qur'an that accompany the kesendirianmu, and you sit down with him, and you spend a long time with the Qur'an, the Qur'an is not far away from your eyes. And this requires us to have a friend manuscripts, which we (in Palestine) named Huffadh manuscripts or manuscripts Shohib. Then you must have a accompany you wherever Manuscripts.
Friendship with the Qur'an, we should have a daily wird with the Qur'an. And different from the rote daily wird. What it means daily wird? Ie, you have to read the Qur'an at least one juz per day, so you mengkhatamkan Qur'an once each month. If you mengkhatamkan Qur'an once a month, then the meaning of the Qur'an from beginning to end through the heart on a daily basis. So you become familiar with the Qur'an, so that when you open the page you are familiar with Manuscripts. Like if you are already familiar with your friend, you've become accustomed to it, every day you see him, every day sit down with him. If one day he did not look, you call him: "Where were you, O so and so?, Today I feel something is missing, I do not see you today." Ask yourself, in a day you did not read the Qur'an: "what was there is something missing? "if you do not find it, meaning there is no friendship.Friendship is a feeling of loss, feelings of loss of the Qur'an, you felt a longing to him, like you miss your mother, your father, or brother. You wait for the time when you will sit down with the Qur'an. Of course friendships are translated in two ways:The first: Al Hubb (love) to the Qur'an. If you love him, you will feel the need of it. As if you did not eat and do not drink, you can not live. If we can not eat and drink? Thus the Qur'an should be a requirement, so that you can not live without it. Of course this needs to be a totality of mind and pure heart. Liver occupied with the world, such as our hearts are busy with songs, things that melenakan, or games. if our hearts are busy then there is no place for the Qur'an, it is not necessary to memorize you tired of the Qur'an. You take the world or you take the Qur'an. Because the book is a noble and not accept the allies. If there is something in your heart beat of the Qur'an, there is something more you love from the Koran, there's no use you tired of memorization.The second: 'Adamu Al Istihya' bihi (not ashamed of the Qur'an). What does he mean? Social produce familiarity. Like if you sit with your friend, do you feel shy with him? If there are people passing by, do you hide your friends, so no one see it? You are shy, or you leave it, so people do not see you? The question is: Are you embarrassed with the Qur'an? For example, if you are on the bus, what's the problem you open the Manuscripts? What is the problem you bring the Koran to hand, and you walk in the market? Some people feel embarrassed. For example in the Busway or on the road, he said: "I am ashamed of the people." Are you ashamed of the man with the Koran?! Does the Qur'an is something that shames? This is a critical level, ie, you achieve a sense of pride in the Qur'an.The fifth: Al Mushabarah wal Mujahadah (patience and sincerity). Of course the devil will not let you, the devil said to God: ".. for the sake of glory, I will surely mislead them all "(Surah Shad: 82)," .. because you were misled akau, I will lie in ambush for them on the straight Your way. Then I will come to them from the front, from behind, from the right, and left them "(Surat al-A'raf: 16-17). Satan will not be happy we read the Qur'an and memorize it. Because there must be patience and mujahadah. Al Qur'an everything is fine, and not generated from it but good. Important issue is the patient with the Qur'an. Satan will always try to tempt you: "how would you memorize the Qur'an, you will not get, you have kids, you are busy, you were in college, how would you pass?"I say to you, you should have a positive attitude, that the Qur'an is all good, then you must make your soul, be patient in memorizing the Qur'an. mujahadah next. Do you want to Paradise without reckoning, you want to go to heaven without fatigue? You will not get a diploma at the university except by learning, you will not make money unless the work. How do you want to memorize the Qur'an without effort?! Without tired?! Then there must be Mujahadatun Nafs (soul mujahadah). "... The real passion was always encouraged to evil" (Surah Yusuf: 53), but Allah also says in the Qur'an: "What a lucky person who mensucikannya (soul). And what a loss those who pollute "(Surat ash-Shams: 9-10). So you are the soul is responsible for it, this is the case in the sense rather than in spirit. So there must mujahadatun nafs.Prophet Hadith is very clear.: "Verily faster release of the camel on the bond" (quoted from Bukhari and Muslim). So the quick release of the Qur'an, so you should bermujahadah in memorizing the Qur'an. How to be patient and bermujahadah to the Qur'an? Patience and mujahadah to the Qur'an requires a significant problem, namely the understanding of the value of Al Qur'anul Karim, goodness Al Qur'anul karim, and the glory of Al Qur'anul karim. Every time your soul feel futur, so remember you with kindness and a great reward. Each demon trying menggelincirkanmu, then remember you with the glory of the Qur'an.All that we have discussed in the above five points, all related to the first problem I have intimated, that is understanding. We have already discussed about the intentions of Ikhlash for God, we have discussed a request to God to memorize and ask Him for help, we have discussed in Ash Shidq requests to God Almighty and the 'Azm to memorize the Quran Al' Adhim with Ash Shidq and provide time for the Ash Shidq Qur'an, we have discussed about friendship and companionship with the Qur'an to help us in memorizing the Qur'an, then we have discussed about the patient and in a way to memorize mujahadah Qur'anul Al Karim, five this stage and the starting point that leads to it is the understanding of the value of Al Qur'anul Karim.How I will be patient in memorizing Qur'anul Karim Al, how will I be able to memorize Al Karim Qur'anul of understanding of the factors that made me love Qur'anul Al Karim and motivated me to memorize it. What these factors, and how can I refer him to become a starting point in confirming me in memorizing Al Qur'anul Karim?This issue will be discussed now.
The Prophet has said: "people who are proficient in reading the Qur'an, let him and the angels are noble and good. And those who read the Qur'an haltingly and struggled, then reward him two "(read reward, and reward hard hopeless) (quoted from HR. Muslim from 'A'ishah)And hadith the Prophet."Read the Qur'an, indeed it will come on the day qiyamat as a helper for readers" (quoted from HR. Muslim from Abu Umamah ra.)"Whoever reads one letter of the Qur'an, it is for him a kindness, and every kindness multiplied tenfold (and magnifies God for anyone who wants). I'm not saying one letter ALM. But one letter alif, Lam one letter and one letter meme "(quoted from HR Turmudzi of Ibn Mas'ud ra)Note, this is a great reward. Listen to the hadeeth of the Prophet as well.:"The best of you is a person who learns the Qur'an and mengajarkanya" (Narrated by Al Bukhari from 'Uthman ibn' Affan ra.)Absolute goodness.Hadeeth of the Prophet.It is said to Shohibul Qur'an - Qur'an Shohibul whom? al Hafidh people who memorize -: read, and went up, and as you mentartilkan tartilkanlah in the world. Kedudukanmu verily is the end of the verse that you read. (Quoted from HR At Turmudzi, Abu Dawud, Ahmad, al-Bayhaqi, and Ibn Majah)Abu Hurairah ra, who narrated this hadith, said: "The real penghafal Qur'an when reciting the Qur'an from beginning to end, to complete surah An Nas, he was already in place / position of the Prophet Muhammad."So Al Hafidh who are in position? Status of the Prophet.Read the Prophet's hadith is also narrated by At Turmudzi: "who is given the Qur'an in his chest, then he has been given prophetic in his chest, only he did not get a revelation"What is prophecy? Qur'an. What message brought by the Messenger of Allah? Qur'an.Hadeeth of the Prophet: "real people in his chest is not there some verses from the Qur'an is like a house that no one dwell in" (quoted from HR. At Turmudzi, Al Hakim, and al-Bayhaqi)That house would collapse, the bad, the chest is empty of AL Quran.
Hadith the Messenger of Allah - haditsnya very much -:"Allah has a family of man - God loves them and they love God -. Companions asked: O Allah's Apostle who are they? He replied: Ahl-ul-Quran, they are a family of gods and the special people (quoted from HR. Ahmad and Ibn Majah)I ask you, if the devil tempt you, ask yourself: do you want to be in the position of the Messenger of Allah? if you want to be a special family of God and man?, if you want to get the good in every letter, and every kindness multiplied tenfold, and magnifies God for anyone who wanted to? What do you want it all? If you want it all, then take care of the Qur'an.Moreover, there are many hadith about memorizing Al Qur'anul Karim, and more shohih hadith of the Messenger of Allah on those who have an edge in the Qur'an. both men were believers or hypocrites. Where the Prophet had said about the believers who read the Qur'an and the believers who do not read the Qur'an, hypocrites who read the Qur'an and the hypocrites who do not read the Qur'an. Because Al Qur'annul Karim's all good. In a Hadith the Messenger of Allah: "permisalan believers who read the Qur'an, such as fruit juice, fragrant aroma and sweet taste. While the believers who do not read the Qur'an, such as palm fruit, not flavored and sweetened. Hypocrites people who read the Qur'an as raihanah, fragrant aroma but taste bitter. As for those hypocrites who do not read the Qur'an, such as fruit handholah, and it was flavorful and not bitter "(quoted from HR. Al Bukhari and Muslim).This is the argument, that the Qur'an has primacy, both on the believers or not. Well you see with sincere or not. The Quran all good. And its virtues come to all the people mentioned in the Qur'an. As Allah swt. :"Verily this gives guidance to the straight path and give glad tidings to the believers who do good pious, that they would receive a great reward. "(Surat al-Isra ': 9)Also the word of God - the verse that says so much about the virtues of Al Qur'anul Karim -:"And read the Qur'an in setartil-tartilnya" (Surat al-Muzammil: 4)This is the command word, which means mandatory by all scholars. That is, must read the Qur'an as exemplified by the Prophet. Therefore we believe that learning to read the Qur'an with the correct legal reading is fardlu 'ain for every Muslim.
Therefore, to memorize the Quran, you should have a positive outlook, and an understanding of the goodness of Al Qur'anul 'Adhim, and the Qur'an on human goodness. And when Allah said,glorious in his book: "It is our Quran has made it easy for the lesson, is there any that want to take lessons?" (Surat Al Qomar: 15/22/32/40). It is clear, that the Qur'an is easy, but "there anyone who would take heed?" Allah swt give a call to his servants. Are you ready to welcome the call of God? Do you want to be first in line to memorize the Koran and get the glory and greatness of the Qur'an, which make you to be in the ranks of the angels and the ranks of the prophets? Here, Allah, the Lord calls you to accept your Qur'an. then you should have a positive outlook on the good in you in understanding the Qur'an. This is very important.Thus, an understanding of the glory of Al Qur'anul 'Adhim, and the glorification of Al Qur'anul' Adhim, on the first level, this is what make you memorize the path, and show you the way to memorize Al Qur'anul Karim, the glorification of Al Qur'anu ' 'Adhim and pemuliaannya.When we pemahami that the Qur'an gives guidance to the straight path - God is saying this - when we know that in the Qur'an there is safety, then conversely, what if you understand that there are penalties for ignoring the Al Qur 'an? Do you know, if you ignore the Qur'an, you will enter in hostilities with the Messenger of Allah? whether some of us who want to be enemies of the Prophet on the Day of Resurrection? We all want syafa'at Prophet. not the Messenger of Allah said: "I leave with you two things, which if you hold fast to it you will not be lost forever, the Qur'aan and Sunnah apostles".Allah also says: "and the Prophet said: My Lord, my people have made the Koran is ignored" (Surat al-Furqan: 30)The scholars said: "The man who three consecutive days did not read the Qur'an, he is a person who ignores the Qur'an." Then he came in enmity with the Prophet, whether you want to stand in the day an enemy to Prophet Muhammad? "And the Apostle say: My Lord, my people have made the Koran is ignored". meraka not read it, they do not practice it, they do not memorize it. Look where are you?! Did you read the Qur'an every day? Did you glorify the Holy Qur'an? do you glorify the Qur'an? ask yourself!I ask you about the interpretation of the word of God Almighty:"And when the Koran is read, then check out carefully, and see that you receive mercy"This verse is very dangerous. If the Qur'an is read, then check out. Command of Allah Almighty that, consequently, was required. If the Qur'an is read, fastami'uu lahu (then check out). God did not say fasma'uu (then listen). And this difference, between istima '(listening) and the same' (to hear). I might be able to hear sound, I now hear some of you talking here and there, and I heard other voices, heard unusual. However, if you provide care? Then the heart must be listened to, and not just hear from the entrance of the ear out of the right ear left ear. Allah Almighty says: fastami'uu lahuu. Then God said what? Wa anshituu, the meaning is the tadabbur, interaction, and tafakkur with the Qur'an. then God said what? la'allakum turhamuun (so you get a blessing), God says la'allakum turhamuun, and did not say idzan turhamuun, and did not say liturhamuu, but God says la'allakum turhamuun. What is the meaning la'allakum? In Arabic, the word la'allaka when used in the Qur'an, it means: that those who violate them will get the opposite. la'allakum turhamuun (so you get a blessing), that the grace associated with what? Associated with istima '(listening) and inshoot (notice). This means that if you read the Qur'an, you are not listening and not paying attention, the meaning is rejected from the grace of God. That those who violate them will get the opposite. Who violate istima '(listening), then the consequence is the opposite of grace. What is the opposite of grace? anathema. Allahu Akbar, this is a dangerous problem. This is an important issue, the glorification of the Qur'an and pemuliaannya, is who will take you to memorize.The next one that we must understand is courtesy of Al Qur'anul Karim. We all have to have a book on manners for Qur'nul Al Karim. Al Qur'an should not be like the music you listen to it alone. Played on a laptop, mp3, but our minds everywhere. The Qur'an should be noted, should not be ignored like that. Prophet. said:"Who wants to talk to God, let him praying. And otherwise, who want God to talk to him, let him read the Qur'an. "Because in the Qur'an have the commandments of God, restrictions, warnings and so forth. Like when we listen to President SBY speech, people listen carefully. But this Qur'an, God speaks to us. So we should not be preoccupied with thoughts on the other. Including murottal play, but our minds everywhere. As I also notice there are people who play murottal in the car, then he chatted with friends. The choice, murottalnya turned off, or shut up and pay attention to the person reading Karim Al Qur'nul. Including when playing at home moms murottal, while cooking, while cleaning. So it should not, play murottal, but preoccupied with other thoughts. Similarly to the children. Let us not play while they are busy murottal. But murottalnya should we turn first. But when children sleep, no matter when we play murottal for them, because there is blessing in it. So when we hear of the Qur'an should not be preoccupied with the other.
The Qur'an also should not be placed on a low place. For example, you put the Haram Al-Quran in the bag and in it there is another item. The Qur'an must be placed at the top. Part of the adab of the Qur'an: when a person comes to you, and you were reading the Koran while sitting, then your friend comes, you want to shake hands with him, then it unlawful for you to stand. He has to sit and shake hands. You're off-the-stand there with the Qur'an, those who come. Do not stand. When you read the Qur'an, kanapa forbidden to stand? It is the Qur'an, this is great. Whether standing for the person? Who are these people? Who is he? Whoever he is. If you want respect, for example, he is the father, the elderly, what should you do? You stand and place the Qur'an on high, then you go back and shake hands. As you stand for any person, such person's position - and the Koran with you, then this should not be. Or she is sitting and shaking hands. This important issue. Also in the classroom when teaching the Koran to his disciples, when the teacher comes in, then said to "stand up" or "stand up". It should not be. Pupils must not stand, he must remain seated in the Koran class, we must teach. Which is more precious-you-as a teacher or Qur'an? These issues are important, must glorify the Qur'an. For example, when you sit cross-legged as well and you place the Qur'an on the foot, it is also haram, should not be. Al Qur'an should be lifted, you have to hold it, or placed on a small table. But do not be put lower than you. Thus, the Qur'an must be honored and glorified.

Question and answer session:(95% audience in this show are women. There are three questions from the audience, all of the mothers)The first question: what method to memorize the Qur'an in Palestine so that children can be memorized in two months?Answer the first question:On rote memorization in two months, this really need its own dauroh (laughing).But this experience that we do not only in Palestine, but also in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and all succeed. But we in Palestine have an advantage in number. As I used to teach in Saudi, in Makkah Al Mukarromah in tahfidh program at the Grand Mosque, in the year just passed the 40 students who have memorized the Qur'an in the two-month program. In Jordan passed 60 to 70 Hafidh in a year in the two-month program. But in Palestine we pass every year 10,000 (ten thousand) Hafidh and hafidhah Qur'an, which is five thousand and five thousand hafidhah Hafidh. We carry out the program with a common shapes. But the method remains possible. We also apply in Turkey and Pakistan, where they are not Arabs. Because the problem is not a language problem. Nothing to do. The problem is the problem of regular agenda. In the summer vacation, was held for students mukhoyyam Qur'an in the mosque for two full months. Sleeping, eating, drinking, and memorize the place and not leave it. They have only one activity, that is to memorize the Qur'an.Excess in Palestine, we do not have much business. We do not have places where games, entertainment, nor is there a children's playground. We only have mosques. What is the reason we have many Hafidh? That seriousness. We become people who have a serious, all of society. Each one wants his children memorize the Quran. no real impetus to the people of Gaza in isolation. We apply this program in Gaza, the people came to have a response to memorize the Koran, because they live in an atmosphere of jihad and struggle. And we have an understanding of the meaning to be martyred in Allah's way and welcome God.Your children (in Indonesia), when the holiday, maybe they play, or an excursion to a beautiful place. But we (the Palestinians) do not have it all. Then we bring them into mosques. That is their recreation, their happy place, the mosque. Therefore, the Jewish people in the recent Gaza war, when they attacked Gaza, what do they attack? They attacked mosques. Because of these mosques are issued by hufadh. Because that's what hufadh defend Gaza and strive in the Way of Allah. We at Al Qossam Brigade has 70,000 (seventy thousand) troops, this is the number of published, it is hufadh. In the last war Furqon, approximately 3 years ago, when Gaza attacked, people of Israel came to 40,000 (forty thousand) troops, who faced them only 15,000 (fifteen thousand) only Hafidh. We only use 5% (five percent) of our power alone. All the fighting is hufadh Qur'aan. Yes, this barokahnya jihad. But the method is no different from elsewhere. This is also because of the privilege tarbiyah. We have manhaj tarbawi. We reached an Islamic movement, was part of a service-Shaykh Ahmad Yasin rahimahullah - we mentarbiyah society, we are not just individuals mentarbiyah harokah and Hamas cadres, we take the path of Prophet Muhammad. As 'Amr bin Al' Ash when he investigates his army camps in the battle to conquer Persia Nahawan, Katika his voice came through the camp that recitations of the Qur'an, he said: "The victory of here". But when it passes through the camps, while the troops were lying down, he said: "Here comes the defeat of the" so then they are grouped and placed on the back. As for the reading of the Qur'an, they are placed in front. This is from the period Rasrulullah saw. so that the Qur'an is understood by the Palestinians because tarbiyah Islamiyah. This is the manhaj Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, manhaj Imam Shahid Hasan Al Banna, and Sayyid Qutub Manhaj Imam who said that Muslims will not win unless the generation Karim Al Qur'anul only. These words of Sayyid Qutub. All we are doing in Palestine, applying this principle. We apply this amaliyah. We mentarbiyah community. Death for us to come quickly. We have become accustomed to death. Death for us to be the beginning of pleasure, and not the end of pleasure. Because we live in wars and attacks. Perhaps you are asleep a sudden death, you are walking on the street, suddenly a mine and died. So that proximity to death and feeling close to God, making God knocked the population of Gaza. This picture is generally thought. All human beings to have faith that the safety, happiness, and good in the world and the hereafter is with the Qur'an. And this is the blessed jihad in the Way of Allah.The second question: whether the ban murottal listen while doing other activities that are absolute? For example, while cooking or cleaning murottal we listen to our ears accustomed to the Qur'an - was not appreciated - and instead we listen to others. Does this prohibition, should not be mean at all?Answer the second question:Maybe if the goal is to get used to, I say, if you're working on something at home, cooking, cleaning, or other activity and you are silent, then with this you can take advantage and do good. But if you sit with your friends, and you chat. You spoke, he spoke, the others also spoke, how you will get used to? No. This is not true. This is a turn away from God. I say if you indulge, there is a rush, such as sewing, writing, or whatever you do, as he heard the murottal, then this is no problem. Just do not talk. If you lull your child, and listen murottal, no problem. But if there is talk among a group of people sitting around, chatting, rolling murottal, this should not be. The choice, listening to the conversation, or listening to the Qur'an. This one word. there is no debate on it. Also possible that you are familiar with the Qur'an, while in the car, you turn murottal Qur'an, but you should be enjoined on all of them: "Now we want to listen to the Qur'an, we are silent and do not talk", it should be. As for other than that, it should not be. Or you use the earphone in the ear when on the road, but the point is you are not busy with another conversation.The third question: who is the People of the Qur'an?Answer these three questions:People of the Qur'an is the meaning of those who always memorize, read, and learn it. So intent is the Qur'an Ahlul meraka that preserves the Qur'an, giving time for the Qur'an Qur'an. Ahl-ul-Quran is not the one who gives the rest of the Qur'an. You may not be the People of the Qur'an, if you allow time for the Qur'an is only half an hour a day. Ahlul Qur'an are those who provide the majority of his time therein. A lot of time. You busy yourself with the Qur'an.
Syatibi rahimahulllah Imam said:"And the Book of Allah is the best of friends, and repeat it adds to the beauty in it. ThenO 'Qori' who cling to him, that honor in all conditions, safe and happy for your parents with a crown of light clothing and jewelry. So how is the reward of his own people?! They are the family of God and the rows of angels "Family of God and the angels ranks it, they are the ones who are busy with the Qur'an. They studied the Qur'an, they taught the Qur'an.(The event ended with the reading of the Qur'an by the first son of Sheikh Syadi called Mu'min who was five years old)

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