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Nisfu Saban Law

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

Praise be to Allah who has perfected religion for us, and living on His blessings to us, may the prayers and greetings is always bestowed upon our master Muhammad the Prophet of Allaah 'alaihi wasallam inviter to the door of repentance and mercy carrier.
Amma ba'du:

Verily, Allah has said:
"Meaning: This day have I perfected for you your religion, and have my ends meet My favor unto you and have my ridhoi Islam as a religion for you." [Al-Maidah: 3]

"It means: Do they have a god-worshiped instead of Allah that mensyariatkan to their religion that is not blessed by God? Sekirannya no statutes that determines (of Allah) they would have been destroyed. And verily those that wrongdoers will have a painful Allaah. " [Ash-Shura ': 21]

From Aisha radhiallahu 'anha of Prophet Muhammad' alaihi wasallam, that he said, "Whoever forges a case (in religion) that had not been there, so he rejected."

In lafazh Muslim: "Whoever does not do the deeds that we ordered (in religion), it rejected."

In Saheeh Muslim from Jabir radhiallahu 'anhu that the Prophet once said in a Friday sermon: Amma ba'du, actually the best of speech is the Book of Allah (the Qur'an), and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon wasallam, and as bad-bad deed (in religion) is a diada-held, and every heresy (which diada-held) it is misguided. "

There are many other hadiths are in line with this hadith, it shows clearly where everything that Allah has perfected this religion for his people. He has been living on his favor for them: He did not mewafatkan Prophet Muhammad 'alaihi wasallam but after he completed the task of delivering his message to the people and explain to them throughout the Shari'a of Allah, whether through speech or practice. He explained everything that would diada invented by a group of men after him, and ascribed to the teachings of Islam in the form of sayings and deeds, all the innovation that was rejected, despite good intentions. The Companions and the scholars' know this, then denying heretic deeds and warned us of it. It was mentioned by those who write about the glorification of the sunnah and the denial of heresy, such as Ibn Ath Wadhdhoh Tharthusyi and Abu Syaamah and so forth.

Among the innovations are usually done by many people is to hold a memorial service tonight heresy Nisfu Saban and specialize on a particular day by fasting. Though none of the arguments that can be relied upon, there is the hadith narrations about fadhilah evening but these hadiths dlaif so it can not be used as basis. As for the hadiths pertaining to the primacy of prayer on the day it is maudhu '.

In this case, many of the 'ulama mention of weak hadiths pertaining to the specialization of fasting and prayer on the day Nisfu Saban fadhilah , then we will mention some of their speech. Opinion among experts Sham Hafiz Ibn Rajab in his book "Lathaiful Ma'arif" said Eve celebrations Nisfu Saban is an innovation and hadiths that describe the virtues weak. Weak hadiths can be practiced in the worship if the origin is supported by authentic hadiths, while the ceremonial celebration of Nisfu Saban night there is no saheeh hadeeth that the base could not be supported by arguments da'eef hadiths.

Ibn Taymiyyah had mentioned this rule and we will be quoting the opinion of the expert knowledge to the reader so the problem becomes clear, the scholars' have agreed that is a must to restore all that men disputed the Book of Allah (the Qur'an) and Sunnan The Apostle (Al-Hadith), what has been outlined by both the ruling or any thereof, it shall be followed and what is contrary to both then it should be abandoned, and all things religious practice that has not been mentioned is a heresy; not be done if asked to do it or praise it.

Allah says in Surat an-Nisa ':

"Meaning: O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey His Messenger, and Ulil Amri (leaders) of you, so if you disagree about something, then give me back to Allah (the Qur'an) and His Messenger (Sunnah) if you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is more important (to you) and a better result. " [An-Nisa ': 59]

"Meaning: About anything whatsoever ye differ, the decision (up) to God (which has the properties of such) that my Lord. Unto me Nyala sole trust and to Him I return." [Ash-Syuraa: 10]

"It means: So by your Lord, they (in effect) do not believe until they make you judge of the case which they differ, then they do not feel something in their hearts objections to the verdict you gave, and they accept it completely." [An-Nisa ': 65]

And many more verses of the Quran that convey the same verses above, it is a nash or legal provisions that require that the issues in dispute is returned to the Qur'an and the Hadith, but requires that we so willingly for the law established by them (Al-Qur'an and the Hadith).

That is required by Islam, and is a good deed for a servant of the Lord, both in this world or the hereafter later, so surely he will receive a reply in kind.

In speaking tonight matter Nisfu Saban Ibn Rajab said in his book "Lathaiful Ma'arif", "The Tabi'in of experts Sham (Syrians, now) as Khalid bin Ma'daan, Makhul, Luqman and others have extolled and diligence to worship on the night of  Nisfu Saban then the next people that take primacy and the glorification of them.

It is said that they do such acts because of the stories israiliyat, when the problem is spreading to all corners of the world, Muslims berselisihlah; have received and agreed there is also a denial. Groups who receive the Expert Basrah and lainyya Seang groups who deny the majority of scholars of Hijaz (Saudi Arabia, now), like Atha 'and Ibn Abi Malikah and Abdurrahman bin Zaid was quoted by the bi Aslam of the fuqaha' of Medina, which is saying Ashhabu Malik and others- other. They say that all the action was heresy. The opinion of scholars' Sham experts differ in their implementation with two opinions:

[1]. Revive-turn Nisfu Saban nights in the mosque with berjamah is mustahab (like God). First bin Khalid bin Amir Luqman Ma'daan and commemorate the evening by wearing fancy clothes and most recently, burn incense, put on mascara and run them up the night in the mosque shalatul Lail. Was approved by Ishaq bin Ruhwiyah, he said: "Running on the night of worship at the mosque in congregation is not heresy." This is depicted by Al-Kirmany Harbu.

[2]. Human gathering on the eve of Nisfu Saban in the mosque to pray, and pray tell is makruh law, but must if you are running a special prayer for himself. This is the opinion of Imam Ahlu Auza'iy Syam, as experts and scholars of fiqh them. God willing, this opinion is closer to the truth, but opinion of Imam Ahmad on the night of Nisfu Saban this evening, is not known. "

There are two reasons celebrated history as the night Nisfu Saban, from between the two reports which explain about two-night holiday (Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha). In the history of the opinion that the two-night holiday to commemorate the congregation is not Sunnah, because it has not been done by the Prophet Muhammad 'alaihi wasallam and his companions. Others argue that the history of the Sunnah night, as Abdurrahman ibn Yazid ibn Aswad never do, and it includes tabi'in, as well as on the night Nisfu Saban, the Prophet never do it, or set, as well as the friends, the only provision of the class Sham tabi'in jurists. Thus the purpose of Al-Hafiz Ibn Rajab (may Allah have mercy on him).

He commented that there was a statute of this Nisfu Saban night, either from or of the Companions of the Prophet. The opinion of Imam Auza'iy bolehnya (istihbab) perform prayers at night that individually and penukilan Al-Hafiz Ibn Rajab in his opinion it was Gharib and da'eef, since what sharia that has not been established by evidence syar'iy, should not be for one of the Muslims making it invented in Islam, whether done individually or collectively, whether it was done secretly or openly, for the generality of the hadith of the Prophet:

"Whoever did the deed (in religion) that we are not told, so he rejected."

And many more hadiths that deny bid'ah and warned that shunned.

Abubakar Imam Ath-Thurthusyiy said in his book, "Al-Hawadits wal Bida", "oelh Narrated Zaid bin Aslam Wadhdhah of saying: we have never seen one of our elders and jurists who attended the celebration of Nisfu Saban night, did not heed Makhul hadith (da'eef) and did not regard the existence of virtue in the evening on other nights. It is said to Ibn Ziad An Numairiy Malikah that said: The reward is obtained (of worship) on the night of Nisfu Saban reward of Laylat al-Qadr match. Ibn Malikah answer: If I heard there was a stick in my hand, I certainly am. Ziad is a speaker.

Al-'Allaamah Syaukani writes in his book, Al-Fawaaidul Majmu'ah, as follows: Hadith:

"O Ali, whoever prayed on the night of Nisfu Saban as many as 100 cycles; he read every rak Al-Fatihah and Qul Huwallahu Sunday as much as ten times, Allah surely meet all your needs ... and so on."

This hadith is maudhu ', on-lafazhnya lafazh explain the reward to be received by the culprit is no doubt about his weakness for intelligent people, while sanadnya majhul (not known). This is narrated from the second and third, all maudhu 'and narrators-narrators majhul.

In the book "Al Mukhtasar" Syaukani continued: Hadith prayer stating Nisfu Saban is vanity. Hibban Ibn Ali narrated the hadith of radhiallahu 'anhu: If you come tonight bershalat malamlah Nisfu Saban and fasted during the day, is da'eef. In the book Allaali 'narrated that: One hundred rak'ahs at night sincerely Nisfu Saban  is a tenfold reward. Ad history Dailamiy hadith, this hadith maudhu 'but the majority of the narrators on the third street majhul and da'eef (closet). Syaukani Imam said: Hadith stating that twelve rak'ahs sincerely reward was thirty-fold, maudhu '. And hadith fourteen rak ... and so is maudhu '(tidakbisa practiced and should be abandoned, pent).

The fuqaha 'many hadiths fooled by the above, as the author of Ihya' Ulumuddin and others are also part of mufassirin. It has been reported that, in prayer on this night, the night Nisfu Saban which has spread to all corners of the world, everything is falsehood / incorrect and hadith is maudhu '.

This assumption was not contrary to the history of Tirmidhi from the hadeeth of Aisha that the Messenger of Allaah 'alaihi wasallam went to the Baqi' and God's world took to the sky on the night of Nisfu Saban  to forgive as much as the amount of wool and goat hair. Indeed the words of the range of prayers that night, but this weak hadith Aisha and sanadnya munqathi '(disconnected) as Ali hadith mentioned above regarding Nisfu Sha'ban night, so clearly that night prayer is also a weak base.

Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi said: Hadith (explaining) about prayer Saban Nisfu maudhu 'and lying upon the Messenger of Allaah' alaihi wasallam. In the book Al Majmu ', Imam Nawawi said: Prayers are often familiar with the prayer there Raghaib (numbered) twelve rak'ahs between Maghrib and Isha' done 'on the first Friday night of Rajab, and pray one hundred rak'ahs on the night of Sha Nisfu 'tires. Two prayer is heresy and unjust. There should not be deluded by the second one hadith it is just because it has been mentioned in the book Quutul Quluub and Ihya 'Ulumuddin. Because basically the hadiths is vanity (not practiced). We must not quick to trust the people who transform the law for the second hadith, namely from the Aimmah which then made up the sheets to allow practice of these two hadeeth, thereby misleading.

Sheikh Imam Abu Muhammad ibn Abd al Muqadaasiy Ismail has authored a book that is valuable; He refused (think vanity) The second hadith (of Nisfu  Saban evening and night the first Friday in Rajab), he was acting (in his opinion) in the book, as possible. In this case has been widely pengapat scientists; then if we are to move their opinion, will extend our discussion. Hopefully what we have mentioned earlier, is quite satisfactory for anyone who wants to get something of truth.

From the above explanation, like the verses of the Qur'an and hadith as well as the opinion of some scholars, it is clear to the seeker of truth (haq) that evening warning Nisfu Saban with prayers or other specialization, and specialization during the day with fasting; it's all heresy and unjust is no basis rests in this Shari'a (Islamic), even just a circumstance only beings in Islam after the Companions radhiallahu lifetime 'anhu. Let's biological Quranic verse below:

"Meaning: This day have I perfected for you your religion, and has Kucukupkan My favor unto you and have Kuridhoi Islam as a religion for you." [Al-Maidah: 3]

And many other passages that convey the same verse. Furthermore The Prophet 'alaihi wasallam said: "Whoever forges a religious point of making something (after me), that had not been there, so he rejected."

From Abu Hurayrah, he said: The Messenger once said: "Do you all night Friday specialized than other nights with a prayer, and let you all day hariny autk specializes fast than other days, except if ( earlier) that had fasted one day among you. " [Hadith History. Muslim]

If the specialization of a particular night with worship allowed by God, then is not it better Friday night than other nights, because the day was the best of the sunny day? It is based on the hadiths
Prophet is saheeh.

When the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam forbade prayer to specialize later in the day than other nights, it shows that the other night was more devoted to the worship should not be given, unless there is the argument that separate it saheeh / show the uniqueness. Laylat al-Qadr Menakala nights and nights of fasting that is prescribed blan that prayer and meant it with a particular service. The Prophet warned and advised his people in order to carry it out, he was also working on it. As mentioned in the hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon
wasallam, that he said:

"Meaning: Whoever stands (to prayer) in Ramadan with a sense of faith and hope (reward), Allah will forgive his sins that have been passed. And he stood (to pray) on the night of Laylat al-Qadr with a sense of faith and hope (the reward ), Allah will forgive his sins that have been passed. " [Agreed alaih]

If if Nisfu Sha'ban night, the night the first Friday in Rajab, and the night of Isra 'Mi'raj was ordered to set aside the ceremony or worship of, surely Prophet Muhammad' alaihi wasallam demonstrate to his people or his own run. If indeed it ever happened, undoubtedly have been submitted by the Companions to us, they will not hide it, because they are the best of man and the most giving advice after the prophets.

Of the opinions of scholars' you'd be able to conclude that there is no any provision of the Companions of the Prophet or the virtues of Nisfu Saban evening and night the first Friday in Rajab. From this we know that the two commemorating the evening is an innovation that diada invented in Islam, as well as the specialization of the worship of the heretical unjust; as well as the night 27 Rajab which many believed to be the night of Isra 'and Mi' raj, so do not be devoted to particular devotions but should not be celebrated with certain rituals but should not be celebrated with rituals, based on the arguments mentioned above.

So, then, if you all already know, how to present your opinion? The truth is the opinion of the scholars 'who insisted he did not know the night of Isra' and Mi'raj appropriately. What people say that the night of Isra and Mi'raj it falls on the 27th of Rajab is the vanity, not based on authentic hadiths. So people are saying is true;

"And the best of the matter is that has been done by the salaf, who has got a clue. And sehina contempt matter (in religion), that is the case that diada invented a heresy-heretic."

It is God who is responsible for taufiq bestow upon us and all Muslims, taufiq to still adhere to the sunnah and consistent on it, and be alert to things that are contrary to it, because only God is the best and noblest.

May the prayers and greetings is always bestowed upon his servant and His Messenger Muhammad peace and blessings' alaihi wasallam as well as for his family and his Companions. Ameen.

[Copied from the book Beware Of Bid'ah By Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, Farid Ahmad Oqbah Translators, Riyadh: Al-Raisah Al-'amma li-IdaratiAl-Buhuts Al-' Scientific wa Al-Ifta 'Ad-Da wa 'wah wa Al-Ershad, 1413 H]

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