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Islamic Jihad

Ibn Qoyyim rahimahullah

Jihad is the central source and the Islamicic dome. Location of those who create the effort very excellent in paradise, so also on the planet. They are unique on the planet and the Hereafter. Messenger is one of the best position in the jihad. He has jihad in all forms and types. He is determined in the direction of Allah the fact is jihad, either by the liver organ, propaganda, details (knowledge), swords and weapons. All plenty of age of only to create the effort with center and side him vocally. Hence, he is very lovely name (on the human-pent) and most unique in the vision of Allah.

God told him to jihad since he was sent as a Prophet, Allah says

"And if We willed, We sent is real in every nation that gives a caution (the apostle). Do not adhere to the unbelievers, and create the effort against them with the Qur'an with the excellent jihad." [Al-Furqan: 51-52]

This mail involved a mail in which there are Makiyah control to salary jihad against the infidels and the details and to publish evidence of the Qur'an. Furthermore, the jihad against the hypocrites by posting evidence because they already are available under the guideline of the Muslims, Allah Ta'ala says:

"Meaning: O Prophet, create the effort (against) unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be challenging at them. Their position is Terrible. And that is to come back to the toughest." [At-Tawbah: 73]

Jihad against the hypocrites (with proof-pent) is more challenging than the jihad against the infidels (the sword-pent), because (with proof-pent jihad) can only be performed only unique individuals are the inheritors of the Prophet (ulama ). Could achieve it and that allows them is a little individuals. Nevertheless, they are the noblest individuals in the vision of Allah. [2]

Including semulia-noble jihad is being truthful even though many individuals who highly is contrary to such express the simple fact to individuals who fear about disturbance. Because of this, sholawatullahi Apostles' alaihim salaamuhu wa-including the most perfect

Jihad against The lord's opponents outside (the Muslims) with a division from a cleaning of his jihad against himself (desires) in behavior to God, as verbal of the Prophet:

"It means: Mujahid are those who create the effort against Allah and respect him in Muhajir is the one who emigrated from what is unacceptable of God" [Hadith Unveiled by Ahmad and sanadnya jayyid / well]

Therefore, jihad against ourselves more priority than the jihad against the infidels and it is the groundwork. A cleaning if not for jihad against itself in paying attention to the rules of God and what is unacceptable to depart because of his truthfulness, then how could he perhaps Jihad against the unbelievers [3]. How can he deal with the infidels, while the attacker (the passions) who appears beside his eventually left and right and he still has not acquired deal with jihad for Allah. Maybe he will not come out jihad against the opponents (unbelievers), so he was able to salary jihad against his wishes to get out jihad. [4]

The second attacker is the focus on of jihad was a servant. But there is still a third, which he could not salary jihad against them except after the third defeat. He (the third attacker is) always clogged, inaccurate and satisfying cleaning so as not to salary jihad against his wishes. He was always a symbol of a servant to the interests that the jihad against very hefty and had to depart the pleasures and treats (the world). No way she jihad against the opponents unless it first had to deal with jihad. Therefore, jihad against the groundwork in the jihad against them. The third attacker is Satan, Allah Ta'ala says:

"Which means: Verily Satan is an attacker to you, then cure him as an attacker (mu)" [Fatir: 6]

Command to create the demon as the attacker is a memory that (a servant) to muster all makes in the deal with, because the attacker is never exhausted and vulnerable to deceive individuals of all-time.

(Then he said-pent) If the above is to comprehend the jihad is separated into four periods [5]:

[1]. Jihad against yourself (lust), and it is separated into four levels

a. Jihad in learning belief there can be no pleasure on the planet and the Hereafter except him. Whoever is behind the technology of belief then he will be depressed on the planet and the Hereafter.

b. Jihad in the exercise of technology that he acquired, because technology without charitable organisation if not memadharatkannya, little understanding of no advantage.

c. Jihad in da'wah (calling people) to show technology and that do not know. If not, then he is among those who hide understanding that Allah has revealed and will not be useful understanding, and he would not be resistant to Allaah.

d. Jihad in the individual experience obstructions in the way of propaganda and people disruption due to Allah.

If a cleaning has improved this all four stages, then he categorized Robbaaniyyiin (Robbani people). The salaf formerly been decided that a student can not be said Robbani until he knows the simple fact, then exercise and show. Anyone who knows (the truth) then he is to exercise and show it, then he will be respected among the population of paradise.

[2]. Jihad against Satan, and it is separated into 2 parts:

a. Jihad in rejecting unlikely (confusion) and question in the faith
b. Jihad in rejecting the first say of lust jihad, and jihad will motivate assurance that both will generate the perseverance of the Almighty said:

"Which means: And We created between them that the commanders who information by Our control when they were individual. And it is they believe in Our Symptoms." [As-Sajdah: 24]

Allah ta'ala mengkabarkan that authority in belief can be acquired only with perseverance and assurance. Patience can fight lust and wish, while bad trust can fight question and misunderstandings.

[3]. Jihad against the infidels and hypocrites. This contains four things: jihad with the center, dental, residence, human body and heart. Jihad against the infidels is more dedicated to side and jihad against the hypocrites is more dedicated to the verbal concept.

[4]. Jihad against the dzolim, a heretic, and munkar manufacturer. It has three periods. Manually if it is able, if not then transfer to the dental and if not able to also then with the center.
This is the 13th level of the jihad and (Those who die and do not deal with jihad and never to say in her for him to die in jihad is a division of hypocrisy) [6]

And jihad will not be ideal but with the transfer and there is no hijra and jihad without trust [7]. Those who anticipate the elegance of God are the individuals who run those three factors, Allah ta'ala says

"Meaning: Those who believe, those who emigrate and create the effort in Allah's way, they were anticipating the elegance of Allah, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." [Al-Baqoroh: 218]

As trust is the work of every individual, it is also necessary to transfer them two at any time:

[1]. Mentauhidkan emigrated to God by Him, truthfulness, repentance, resignation, wish, and really like Him.

[2]. Emigrated to His Prophet by following his sunnah, topic to his purchases, which he verified the information to express, and placing his control other than a control. The Prophet said, which means:

"Meaning: Those who emigrated to Allah and His Messenger, then the Pilgrimage to Allah and His Messenger. And those who emigrated to the community or the lady who was about to get married to the hijrohnya to what he intended". [8]

Orders for jihad against the interests in paying attention to Allah and jihad is fard ayn against challenges that can not be assigned to anyone. As for the jihad against the infidels and hypocrites is fard kifaya.

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