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The Importance of Arabic Languange


Imam Shafi'i said: "People do not be ridiculous and always at loggerheads but because they eventually left the Persia terminology, and desire the idea of Aristotle". [2]

That idea of Imam Shafi'i for individuals, so we do not marginalize the terminology of Islamic satisfaction. If the clergyman saw the situation of the individuals provide on the Persia terminology, he will absolutely issue was growing.

Arabic is different from other dialects ​​as a indicates of interaction among mankind. Wide range of Persia terminology is so much quality. Essentially, Muslims spend its attention to this terminology. Excellent to comprehend it for themselves or to assist in and information the children for the objective.

In the last, Persia is a position in the minds of the Muslims. College students and even the caliphs did not see with one eye. Fashahah (in discussing the truth) and the sharpness of the language in the terminology to be one sign of the achievements of mother and father in schooling their children in child decades.

Pehatian ruination of the Persia terminology propagate of Islam was noticeable when coming into the countries' Ajam (non Arab). Between events socialize and join forces under the outdoor umbrella of Islam. Progressively more significant punctuational faults in discussion. Moreover, if the noticed provide actuality of Muslims in common, many of which menganaktirikan Persia. Significant issue was the deficit of mother and father inspiring their children to engage in Persia.

A. Persia is the terminology of the Quran. He said:

We have indeed created the Quran in Persia, so you comprehend it. [3]

2. Persia is the terminology of the Prophet Muhammad and his partners verbal terminology. Hadiths of the Prophet who came to us in Persia. Furthermore, the guides of fiqh, published with this terminology. Therefore, the expertise of the Persia terminology became a entrance to comprehend.

3. Persia terminology is not much. Most contain three-letter design only. This will assist in the comprehension and enunciation.

4. Wonderful Persia language. Those who look at terms and terms in Persia, he will experience a wonderful and stunning idea, arrayed with terms brief and strong.

A. Rebuke Against Challenging Mistakes In The Net.
Language is excellent and actual Salaf creation has become a custom. Therefore, errors in enunciation or idea that is not in beat with the standard concept is regarded as problems, which lowers the satisfaction in the face of many. Especially when it happens to individuals of royal delivery. Ibn al-Anbari said: "How good is regarded incorrect idea ...? The Arab-speaking individuals who really like the best and right, looking at the incorrect individuals with one eye and get rid of them".

Umar had several individuals thoughts on how to photograph with say: "What a bad capturing your arrows." They responded, "قوم متعلمين نحن (we are beginners), [4] 'Umar then said," you talk more lethal error than to inadequate child decades I think you ... "[5]

2. Warning Against Persia Salaf.
Umar had written to Abu Musa that contains the message: "Amma ba'du, comprehend the Sunnah and comprehend Persia."

On another celebration, he said: "May Allah have whim on those who extend her verbal (by learning Arabic)".

On another celebration, he declared: "Study the belief, and praise, as well as rich in Arabic".

He also said: "Learn Persia, because it is able to boost and increase the feeling of honor". [6]

The scholars did not play down the Persia terminology. They still offer a significant issue in extreme individual by his, like other syar'i technology. Because Persia is a system and a method for comprehend the technology of Law.

Imam Shafi'i said: "I reside in the nation for 20 decades. I examined poetry and terminology. I commited to memory the Qur'an. Never skipped just one idea to me, but I comprehend its indicating ".

Imam Shafi'i has achieved a high in the expertise of Persia, so it was known as as the most elegant men of Quraish in time. He has a referrals to the Persia terminology.

Ibn al-Qayyim also known to have powerful attention to the Persia terminology. He examined the guides of Ibn al-Fathi Al Ba'li Mulakhkhash perform of Abul `Hereafter, Al Jurjaniyah, Alfiyah Ibni Malik, Ash Kafiyah Safiyah Al and At Tashil. He also acquired from Ali ibn Majd At Tusi.

Other scholars who are known for having excellent attention to the Persia terminology is the Imam Syaukani. These scholars learning nahwu and sharaf of three scholars as well, namely: Sayyid Isma'il ibn al-Hasan, Allama Abdullah bin Ismail An Nahmi, and Allama Muhammad bin Qasim Al Khaulani.

3. Also Caliph Kids Learning Persia.
The caliph, before also providing excellent attention to the Persia terminology. Moreover to coaching the children with the spiritual sciences, they also offer a particular routine for deepening the Persia terminology and materials. Their commitment, because understanding the good value of the Persia design of their conversation, ways growing, enhanced idea in discussing, investment of Islamic learning from the referrals. Therefore, the Persia scholars also have a location in govt and near to the caliphs. The speakers to be a trainer for children caliph.

An Al Ahmar Nahwi said, "I informed Al Rashid to show Persia materials to his son, Muhammad Al Amin. Al-Ma'mun and Al Amin also been knowledgeable linguist known as Abul Hasan 'Ali ibn Hamzah al kisai the individuals near to the Caliph. In the same way, another linguist, known as Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn As Sari educates children the Caliph Al Mu'tadhid Persia training. Also Abu Ja'far Muhammad bin Abu Qadeem Qadeem show Al Mu'taz before getting workplace. "

A. Against assist in expertise of Sciences.
Islam highly focuses on the importance of the understanding through examining. God said.

Read the name of thy The almighty who designed. [Al 'Alaq: 1].

Through the Persia terminology, one can obtain technology. For the Persia terminology has become a indicates of moving understanding.

Concrete proof, many scholars who perpetuate the various professions in graceful couplets, better known by nazham (manzhumah or nazhaman). With this, one would be relatively clear and understandable, because of attention in the great thing about its framework, and a requirement to remember it for individuals who want to really expert it well.

For example, the Publication of Ash Syathibiyah Fi Al Qiraati As Sab'i Al Mutawatirati 'Anil Aimmati Al Qurrai As sab'ah, is a composition that contains matan sab'ah qiraah training, published by Imam al-Qasim ibn Ash Firah Syathibi. Another book-shaped sequence of lyric passage. Then Al Jazariyah, which is a magazine about the perform of Imam Muhammad bin tajwid Muhammad Al-Jazari. In the area of technology musthalah hadith, there is a magazine Manzhumah Al Baiquniyah, performs of Shaykh Muhammad bin Taha Al Baiquni. And there are many other illustrations.

2. Improve sharpness of Strength Think.
In this situation, Umar said, "Learn the Persia terminology. Surely he can boost and increase the feeling of recognition. "

Arabic terminology analysis will boost a individuals considering, because in the Persia terminology there is a wonderful design and a good mix between terms. It will encourage someone to boost the ability of creativity. And this is one aspect that will gradually increase your perceptive capabilities. Because the individual welcomed to think about and think about it. Think about the phrase of God:

Whoever affiliate anything with Allah, then he seems to drop from the sky and arranged by a chicken or the wind flow to far away locations. [Al-Hajj: 31].

Because of the scale of the risk of shirk in Allah, then permisalan individuals who do like something that dropped from the sky instantly arranged by the chicken so that his people body mutilated. Thus, concerning the idolaters, when he eventually left the trust, the devil-devil so fast paced menyambarnyanya split from every side, and community belief systems, they eliminate. [7]

3. Impact Significant Progression.
People who plunge into the Persia terminology, will confirm that this terminology is a method for appearance and decrease the substantial ethical disposition filthy.

Accordingly, Ibn Taymiyyah said: "Behold, the attention to the Persia terminology will affect all of the perceptive, ethical, spiritual (someone) with a very powerful impact actual any longer. So also will have a good impact for individuals trying to replicate these beginning decades of the partners, tabi'in and replicate them, will increase the ability of intellect, belief and principles ". [8]

For example, a item of poetry sang Habib ibn Aus that supporters respond with good manners:

Humans are always in good, provided that he has a feeling of shame
The footwear is always amazing, provided that the epidermis has not peeled
By God, there was nothing good in lifestyle,
Similarly, on the planet, when pity has gone missing

There are also poetry that created a sequence of individuals to keep away from bad emotions. Imam Shafi'i said:

If you want to reside in independence from corruption;
(Also) your belief and recognition maintained unchanged,
Do not carry your language incapable individuals,
Your people is packed with shame, and those (also) have a language.

Thus, Persia is still essential, even become the characteristic of the Muslims. Should be the issue of the Muslims. By comprehension the Persia terminology, expertise of the Qur'an and Sunnah becomes simpler. In convert, will cause individuals to be able to remain up to its principles ​​and to apply them in lifestyle.

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