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The Essence Of Jihad

Ustadz Abu Qotadah

Jihad is the high energy and the wonder of Islam. Those who make the effort to take up a very great place in paradise, as well as having a very great place on the planet.

In common, the actual of jihad has a very wide significance. Which is jihad against the interests, jihad against the devil, and the jihad against the powerful from among the students of heresy and immorality. Meanwhile, according to the Individuality ', jihad is investing all capability to deal with the infidels. See Fathul Bari (6/77).

So that it can be determined, that jihad contains four areas. First: Jihad against the interests. Second: Jihad against Satan. Third: Jihad against the powerful, kezhaliman criminals, and criminals munkar heretics.
Fourth: Jihad against the hypocrites and unbelievers.

Jihad against the interests, masking four concerns. First: Jihad Against the interests in the look for for and understand the simple fact and the belief of simple fact. Second: The jihad against the interests in the exercise of technology that has been acquired. Third: Jihad Against the interests in technology and teach a belief of simple fact. Fourth: Jihad Against the interests with perseverance in the look for of understanding, charitable organisation, and in saying.

As for the jihad against the devil can be done in two methods. First: Jihad against Satan by battling off what is fought every devil in the type syhubhat and questions that could harm the trust. Second: The jihad against Satan by battling off what is fought every devil and the wishes of the risky interests.

While jihad against the powerful, kezhaliman stars, and stars munkar heretics, contains three levels. That is, with an able side. If not able, then with dental. And if not able to as well, then with the middle, which every Islamic must do. That is the way they dislike, not really like them, do not sit with them, do not offer assistance to them, and do not reward them. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

ثلاث من كن فيه وجد حلاوة الإيمان من كان الله ورسوله أحب إليه مما سواهما ومن أحب عبدا لا يحبه إلا لله عز وجل ومن يكره أن يعود في الكفر بعد إذ أنقذه الله منه كما يكره أن يلقى في النار

"The three cases; he who in his scenario there are three, then he will get a flavor of trust, Allah and His Messenger Iebih liked than the other-other level, a individual basically because he likes God and he dislikes to come back to shock after Allah stored by him, sebagairnana she disliked to be tossed into terrible ". [Bukhari and Muslim].

من أحب لله وأبغض لله وأعطى لله ومنع لله فقد استكمل الإيمان

"Whoever likes for Allah, dislikes for Allah, gives for Allah, and don't let because God, he indicates have ideal faith". [Abu Dawud]

فمن أحدث فيها حدثا أو آوى محدثا فعليه لعنة الله والملائكة والناس أجمعين

"Whoever creates a new scenario or assistance heretics, then he hit Iaknat God, angels and all mankind". [Bukhari and Muslim]

Jihad against individuals with dental Fasiq are the privileges of those who have the understanding and the students. Evidence is by way of applying and oppose their proof, and describe their mistake, either in composing or vocally. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: "The heresy is declined professional mujahid". See Al Fatawa (4/13)

Shaykh al-Islam also said: "If a mubtadi 'aqeedah that menyelisihi advised the Quran and the Sunnah, or take manhaj in contrast to the Quran and Sunnah, and scary to deceive individuals, it is required to describe their mistake, so that the individuals alert from their mistake and they know the scenario ". See Al-Fatawa (28/221).

Therefore, it is heresy to refuse professional proof and disagreement, describing that haq, as well as describe the risks of heresy aqidah professional, is something that is compulsory, to fresh up the lessons of Allah, His belief, manhajNya, syari'atNya. And by contract of the Muslims, decline the wicked and lies professional kifayah advancement is necessary. Because if God does not motivate those who declined them, absolutely it would infected belief. Know, that triggered the harm of their activities, more risky than the rule of the heathen. Because of harm to the heathen be known by everyone, while the harm is known only heretics by the pious grilling.

As for the jihad against the powerful arms, then this becomes a right for those who have energy or arong Leader of the Devoted, that is by applying hudud (punishment) against any individual who breaks the regulations of Allah and His Messenger. As Abu Bakr had done with battling those who rejected to pay zakat, 'Ali bin Abi Talib deal with the Kharijites and the Shi'ites Rafidhah.

What about the jihad against the hypocrites and unbelievers? Imam Ibn Al Qayyim declares, jihad is a spiritual responsibility to deal with the unbelievers' ain; his jihad with his middle, or spoken, or to his residence, or by hand; then every Islamic jihad with one of these kinds of jihad. See Zadul Ma'ad (3/64).

However, jihad battling the infidels with his necessary kifayah law, and does not become fard 'ain, unless it met one of the four following conditions.

First: If he is on the war.

Second: If the attacker assaulted his nation.
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: "If the attacker has joined assaulted an Islamic condition, then no question, necessary for Muslims to protect their nation and every nation that is nearest, then the long run, because Islamic nations are as a country". (Al lkhtiyarat, 311). Jihad is known as jihad difa '.

Third: If requested by the Imam (Commander of the Faithful) to deal with.
Fourth. If necessary, then jihad becomes necessary. [See Al Mughni, Al Majmu ', Zaadul Mustaqni']

As recommended jihad against the infidel (by hand), through three stages:

First: Center for the Muslims to deal with with no necessary. He said:

أذن للذين يقاتلون بأنهم ظلموا وإن الله على نصرهم لقدير

"Permission (to fight) for those who deal with because they have been harassed sesungguhnaya. And verily, Allah, the Almighty really help them." [Al-Hajj: 39].

Second: The transaction to battle any unbelievers who deal with the Muslims. He said:

وقاتلوا في سبيل الله الذين يقاتلونكم ولا تعتدوا إن الله لا يحب المعتدين

"Fight in the cause of Allah those who deal with you, (but) do not transgress boundaries, for Allah likes not the transgressors" [Al Baqarah: 190].

Third. The control to deal with against all the idolaters that the belief of God immediately in the experience around the globe.

وقاتلوا المشركين كآفة كما يقاتلونكم كآفة واعلموا أن الله مع المتقين

"... And deal with the Pagans all as they deal with it all: But know that Allah is with those who worry Him". [At Tawbah: 36]

The third level is not dimansukh, so that a law is necessary jihad until the Day of Verdict. Shaykh Ibn Baz rahimahullah said: "Marhalah (stage) of the third is not dimansukh, may still be according to the conditions of the Muslims". [Fadlu Al Jihad Wal Mujahideen, 2:440].

Thus the actual of jihad and its brief secera levels of the purchase. All this must be recognized by Muslims, leading to a set of jihad, according to the conditions and conditions that must be met. And Allaah knows best.

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