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Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen was asked: "How does the law for the circumcised men and women?"

Circumcised lawful college students are still in contest, but the nearest in reality that circumcision is required for men and Sunnah for females, and the change between the two is men circumcision has the advantage associated with the bill need is thaharah prayer, because if qulfah (tip of penis) is permitted, then the urine out of qulfah the remains will be eventually left there and terkumpullah qulfah water so that it can cause discomfort when peeing. Or in the existence qulfah uncut, so if there is something out of it, it will be dirty qulfah.

As for females, circumcised just a getaway where there is revenue, which is to decrease the lust, this is the assistance associated with efficiency, not to decrease discomfort.

The college students have the responsibility needs circumcised while he was not frightened of him, because if he was concerned for him by means of devastation or sickness, then the law is not necessary, because the responsibility did not become necessary in the use of something that is not able to be integrated (udzur syar'i) , or for worry of any harm or risk.

As for the justifications to describe that it is required for men circumcised as follows.

It is provide in many hadith which declares that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam requested to circumcised for individuals who changed to Islam. [Musnad Imam Ahmad 3/415] is the beginning of something that must control.

Circumcision provides to tell apart between the Muslims and Honest, so that the Muslims know them to be murdered on the war,
they said, circumcision is a differentiator, so if circumcision is pemdeda. then it is required, because of the change between the work of the Muslims and infidels, and in this regard appear to be haram infidels, as the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

"Whoever appears like a individuals is that he contains the".

That circumcision is to cut something from our body, while reducing something out of our body that is haraam, haram itself but should not be performed unless there is something necessary, then it's circumcision position thus becomes necessary.

That circumcision should be done by the parents of orphans and must include the orphans and their home, because the individuals who circumcise it will be paid seadainya circumcision is not necessary it should not use the home and our body, this is the purpose ma'tsur and illustrate the sensible need of for circumcised men.

As for women circumcision is required in variations of viewpoint, but viewpoint is obvious is that circumcision is required for men rather than females, there was a berbunya da'eef hadith: "Circumcision is Sunnah is an responsibility for men and the wonder for females "[Issued by Imam Ahmad in Musnadnya 5/75] if the hadith is real, then the hadith is a law buster.

[Fatawa Arkanil Majmu Islam, Philippines Majmu Version Remedy Issues Fatawa Regarding The Islamic creed and praise, Worship Area, p 258-269 Bibliography Arafat]

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