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Majma'ul Majlis al-Fiqh al-Islami-

IVF concerns such as the most popular present concerns. This issue is a lot of community interest, such as the college students of the Muslims. These concerns become a style of their discussion at their frequent getting together with presented by the Community Islamic Group (Râbithatul-'Alam al-Islami) in Paradise for two periods daurah (meeting).

tube babies

Majma'ul Majlis al-Fiqh-al-Islami (Islamic Fiqh Academy) in the 9th daurah Markaz presented in the Islamic Community Group (Râbithatul-'Alam al-Islami) in Paradise began on Sunday 28 Jumadil Awal up to Jan 7 Jumada al-Ula 1405 AH, coincided with the time frame Jan 19 to 27, 1985, have discovered some feedback from authorities associates about the choice "should be" founded by the authorities with regards to manufactured insemination and IVF. The choice was released on the 7th daurah presented from 11 to 16 Jumadil Awal 1404 H. Textual content of this choice are:

"How to seven (from manufactured insemination-pent), where ejaculation and egg tissue taken from the several, after suffering from the procedure of fertilizing in the tube, the fertilized egg cellular is loaded into the womb of another spouse of the manager of the ejaculation. Wife Another has indicated wish to contain the kid baby brought up her womb. "

Majlis may respect it as necessary and with the circumstances already described are met.

Core feedback given by some associates of the panel about the above choice were:

Second spouse who trusted the fertilized egg cellular, the first partner's having a baby is no probability of the outcomes relevant to the partner, before her womb loaded with the fertilized egg cellular is. Then she gives delivery to twin babies, and eventually can not identify between babies from the egg are trusted with the child of the outcomes of his connection with her partner. As also can not tell which of those whose babies come from egg that are placed and where the mom of the child from her connection. Sometimes it could be one of the child who still kind a clog ('alaqah) or a mass of skin (Mudhghah) was deceased. He could not go out except with the delivery of a child the other selection is not known whether these babies who passed away from egg that are placed or whether it comes from an connection. This probability causes the opportunity of preparing nasab from the expectant mothers area, where the actual mom of two of these babies, also led to misunderstandings into the law of the repercussions. It also required that al-Majma 'not to provide particular about the form of lawful scenario.

At daurah also, the area believed the description of the doctor and obstetrician provide at time. They increased the possibilities of getting expecting the second of the connection with her partner while expecting with fetuses resulting from egg tissue which trusted. So it will be a blend nasab as described above.

After talking about this concern, the area established to revoke the choice "may" in the way of the third of three possible techniques. The third way is described on the way (artificial insemination), 7th of the decision-Majma'ul al-Fiqh al-Islâmiy daurah released in the 7th season AH 1404 With the drawback of the choice may be provide, then the choice al-Fiqh al-Islami Majma'ul about manufactured insemination and IVF are as follows:

الحمد لله وحده والصلاة و السلام على سيدنا و نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه و على آله وصحبه وسلم و بعد:

After viewing and talking about a newspaper provided by one associate Râbithatul-'Alam al-Islami is that Muhammad az-Zarqa' of at-talqîhus shinâ'i (artificial insemination) and IVF, a issue that many fast paced individuals, even such as the concerns Now the most popular in the world; associates of the hearing outcomes obtained by cutting-edge technological innovation in this interval to generate a kid and inability to conceive concerns.

Of a sufficient description, one more associate of the area acquired that manufactured insemination is an try to get a kid without going through a normal procedure, without going through the procedure of sexual activity. Man-made insemination is mostly done by two methods:

A. Fertilization or insemination happens in the womb that is the way menginjekkan person's ejaculation in the appropriate area of the ladies uterus
2. Insemination outside the womb, by way procedure between the ejaculation and the women teluar later after fertilizing tube is loaded into the ladies womb.

On this manufactured insemination must happen for the introduction of the nakedness of a lady who did this procedure.

From the content provided by the panelists and from the discussion, selected panel associates found that the indicates implemented to have out manufactured insemination, whether insemination happens in the womb or outside the womb, there are seven techniques, according to different circumstances. Man-made insemination is taken in the womb taken in two techniques, while insemination was done in five techniques, as the actuality on the earth, regardless of the law of halal or haraam according to the shari'ah.

The first way:
A spouse's ejaculation is taken and then shot at the appropriate position in the partner's womb so that ejaculation will connect with egg tissue that are produced by the spouse and continue naturally as in the marriage. Then after fertilizing took position, with k idzin God, he will follow the womb of the spouse. This strategy is implemented, if the partner has a issue so that ejaculation can not go to the appropriate position in the womb.

The second way:
A person's ejaculation taken and shot into the womb of the spouse of another, so that fertilizing happens in the womb, and then links to the uterine walls as the first way. The strategy is used because the partner was barren, so the ejaculation taken from another man.

The first way:
A spouse's ejaculation and the egg of his spouse, was taken and placed in a tube so that ejaculation can feed the egg had been his spouse in a tube. Then at the proper time, the ejaculation and egg tissue that have the profits (zigote) was transmitted into the womb of the spouse, the manager of the egg, as appropriate to be able to create the other fetuses. When the contain is over, his spouse delivered her as a kid will always, man or woman. This is the analyze tube babies that have been produced by the development that God ilmiyah makes it possible for k. The procedure of providing this has led to many kids, whether man or woman or even the delivery of twin babies. This achievements tale has been propagate through various press.

The strategy implemented when the spouse has a issue on the egg.

The second way:
Processed fertilizing outside the tube between the ejaculation taken from a partner and an egg cellular taken from another ladies egg is not his spouse, known as the contributor. Then after fertilizing is loaded into the womb of the person's spouse ejaculation.

How this is done when the partner's egg is clogged or not performing, but her womb was still able to operate to position the creating kid.

The third way:
Fertilization that are prepared outside the pipes between the men ejaculation and the egg of a lady not man and spouse. Then after fertilizing happens, recently selected and planted in the womb of a lady who are wed.

How this is done when there are partners who are both barren, but want to have kids, whereas the womb of the spouse can still operate as a baby development.

The 4th way:
Fertilization outside of the prepared seeds in the tube between the two partners. Then after fertilizing is effective, the recently incorporated in the womb of another lady (not his wife) are willing to contain the kid the several.

How this is done when the spouse is not able to contain, because there are irregularities in the womb, while their human body parts are still able to generate egg well. This strategy is also obtained when the spouse does not want to get expecting with a wide range of factors. Then he requested for or seek the services of another lady to endure her kid.

Five ways:
That indicates that mentioned at the starting of this discussion. Where ejaculation and egg tissue taken from the several, and after suffering from the procedure of fertilizing in the tube, the fertilized egg cellular is loaded into the womb of another spouse of the manager of the ejaculation. Another spouse who has indicated wish to contain the kid brought up honey-pent rahimnya.

This indicates that manufactured insemination is used to fix various concerns associated with having a baby.

Council also has discovered the greatest details is that the procedure is actually already getting place in European countries and The united states, employing the conclusions of this ilmiyah with a wide range of requirements. Among the objectives are business objectives, there is also for the objective of what they contact a "business to strengthen the people race". There is also a wish to satisfy some females who are not wed to the mom or the wish of females who are wed but do not get expecting with the causes specified in her or her partner. Set up has been considering various companies that recognize these objectives, for example the purchase of a ejaculation financial institution. A ejaculation shed technological innovation that can go more time. Sperm, the ejaculation are taken from certain individuals or not actually, as a gift or to get benefits.

After examining the content provided and the panelists get sufficient details from resources which can be validated as details displayed through the press and through discussion in implementing the guidelines of Shari'ah in this concern, the area eventually established the following:

First: The regulations of a common nature:
A. In these circumstances however, a Islamic lady is prohibited to start personal components before area of individuals who are not lawful to have sex with him, except for the authorized requirements of the Shari'a.

2. The wish of females to restore from an disease or problem (abnormal) in our human body that causes it to experience disrupted, regarded as a sensible objective of shari'ah. For the objective of such therapy, the lady should start up to other than her spouse's personal components. Obviously this is done as required.

3. When I start the nakedness of a lady other than the individual before area of lawful sexual activity with allowable lawful (allowed) for a objective that shar `i, then it is essential that it is the physician doing the therapy of Islamic females if possible. If not, then the lady physician who is not Islamic. If not, the new Islamic men physician and if not, use the new men physicians who are not Muslims.

When the course of therapy, are prohibited to escape (two by a pair) among men physicians with the individual lady and she must be associated with their men or other females people.

Second: Law insemination (fertilization) artificial
A. A lady who had a household who could not get expecting and the spouse's wish to have kids is regarded as a sensible objective of shari'ah. This objective could be a purpose to take treatment (if the pent-constrained) through manufactured insemination is validated by the Shari'ah.

2. Way (artificial insemination), the first (ie ejaculation taken from a man who had a household and then shot into the womb of the spouse described at time identifies how perception happens in the womb) is authorized under way with due respect to the circumstances of Shari'ah- common supply described above. This was done after it was verified that this procedure needs the spouse to get expecting.

3. The third way (the second seeds, ejaculation and egg tissue taken from the several partner and wife; then conducted on the tube fertilizing procedure. After fertilizing, the fertilized egg cellular is loaded into the womb of a lady was the manager of the egg), initially in this way is a way that could recognized according to a evaluation of shari'ah. However, this can not be divided absolutely from the various factors that can cause doubt. This implies it should not be taken except when one is pressured and common circumstances above are met.

4. In two techniques this is authorized, the tribunal Majma'ul Fiqh al Islami nasab established that the kid is linked with a several entrepreneurs of ejaculation and egg, then followed with monetary gift privileges and other privileges as to the dedication of nasab. When nasab set on a several, then the monetary gift privileges and other privileges are also founded between the kid with a individual who has a connection with him nasab.

5. While manufactured insemination indicates more in the fertilizing procedure within and outside the womb that has been described before; are techniques that are unacceptable in Islamic law, there is no purpose to allow one of them. Because the second seeds, ejaculation and egg tissue in the procedure did not come from a several warm spouse. Or because the females who indicated wish to contain the kid is women ajnabiyah (others).

Thus this choice, and getting into consideration the various opportunities that happen on manufactured insemination in common, such as the two techniques above syar'i allowable, such as the opportunity of preparing the ejaculation or the fertilized egg cellular in the tube, especially when manufactured insemination is already a lot done and propagate out, then the assemblage Majma'ul Fiqh al Islami to provide assistance to individuals who want to adhere to their belief not to do any of these techniques. Except when it is pressured along with extreme warning and cautious is higher to be able not to position an assortment of ejaculation or the fertilized egg cellular.

This is the perspective of the assemblage Majma 'Fiqh al Islami on this concern which is carefully associated with belief. By wishing to God for what you set k is actual. And Allaah knows best.

[Copied from the Sunnah journal Issue 02 / / Year XIII/1431H/2010M. Marketers Groundwork Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57 183 Tel. 0271-761016]

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