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The Stoning for Fornicators


A young lady, that her fault-adultery with a man. But then announced seriously bum out over and comprehend the lawful repercussions of infidelity, which is high. Meanwhile, two decades later there was another man who desired to get married to her. The concern is:
A. What is recommended by stoning for adulterers?
2. Who is qualified to stoning?
3. When you have repented in excellent trust, must still go through a stoning?
4. If wed to another man, should tell you about her previous to her upcoming husband?
5. Is this young lady still permitted to preach?
6. What if people out about his previous that have protected it?
7. Whether that can remove the exercise of previous sins (like infidelity is)?
Are still puzzled, if she was still wed with her partner to be, or what?

Before responding to these concerns Siblings, we need to highlight, let every Islamic is always to sustain his recognition. Interest to public constraints that have been founded sharia, both within and outside the property. Do not get too assured, then dangle out and mingled easily with the other sex, either air-ikhtilat or privacy. Since this is the roadways creating infidelity. Allah has unacceptable it in His Word;

Come not nigh to fornication; proven reality that infidelity is a heinous act. And an wicked way. [Al-Isra ': 32].

The ban is expected to create us always be cautious of infidelity and the elements that owned him. So that we prevent elements which hit us are sisters.

While the young lady, let him follow the marriage she had organized, and do not tell the ugliness of her previous to her partner (future husband) or others. Information of the solutions to these concerns may Siblings adhere to the description below.

First. The objective of Law And Makes For Stoning adulterers.
Adultery is a sin. Whoever dedicated infidelity, then the charges according to Islam is as follows:

A. If the reason muhshan (never berjima 'with a actual marriage), mukallaf (already baligh and sensible), non-reflex (not pressured, not raped), she was flogged 100 periods, then high, by the generality of passage 2 of Surat an-Nur, and actions Ali ibn Abi Talib Allaah 'anhu. Or just high, without whipped, and this is better, as done by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, Abu Bakr Siddiq Allaah' anhu and Umar bin Al Khattab Allaah 'anhu.

2. If the reason is not wed, so he's usual (whipped) 100 periods. Then exiled for a season. [1]

Stoned is being high to loss of life. How, one placed in the earth to take a position on his chest area and then high to loss of life.

The following are among the justifications about the lawful flagellation (whipping) and the stoning of this:

Allah Subhanahu wa said Ta'ala:

The adulterous lady and a man who dedicated infidelity, then deralah each one of them a number of periods the lines, and let not bad for both avoiding you to (run) the belief of Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Hereafter, and let ( implementation) their charges be experienced by a people who believe. [An Nur: 2]

It is also described in many hadith. Among others:

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

Take it from me, take it from me. Verily, Allah has given them the other way, [2] that is, those who are not wed (adultery) with those who are not wed, (the ruling) flagellation and exiled 100 periods a season. As a wed individual (adultery) with a wed individual (legal) dera 100 periods and stoning. [3]

Also the hadith below:

From Abdullah ibn 'Abbas, he said,' Umar bin Al-Khattab said, while he sat on the pulpit Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, "Verily Allah sent Muhammad sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam to carry al haq, and unveiled the Publication (Al Quran) to him. Then, among which was unveiled to him the passage of stoning. We have study it, remember it and comprehend it. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has integrated (law) stoning, We have done (the law) stoning after he (died). I get worried if plenty of the lengthy approved to people, there will be someone who says, 'We do not discover (legal) stoning in the Publication of God', so that they will err by making a obligation for which was unveiled by Allah. Absolutely (the law) there really stoning in the Publication of Allah against those who create infidelity when she was wed, from among men and ladies, if the proof had been straight (real with four witnesses, ed.), Or confirm to become expecting, or identification. "[4]

Imam Ash Syaukani rahimahullah Duraril Bahiyyah said in it, "And digalikan (hole) for those who high to stomach area."

Then Imam Siddiq Hasan Khan rahimahullah making comments on the terms, "Since the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has requested an opening to a team lady who Ghomidi (stoned) to his chest area. This hadith discovered in Sahih Islamic. And another: the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to create gaps for Ma'iz, then he requested that she be high, as in the hadeeth of Ibn Ma'iz Buraidah in the tale. "[5]

Second: Performing Rajam.
As for the right to have out the above law (rod and stoning for adulterers) is the leader of the Muslims, which government bodies can use the shari'ah of Allah. Because these regulations such as hudud [6], which is the responsibility of the leader. So it's not right to just anyone.

Sheikh Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Dhawayyan rahimahullah said, "It (the right) had to use, unless the imam (ruler of the Muslims) or his representative; the same, whether it's because the right had of God, such as infidelity had. Or because of people privileges, as had the expenses. Because it needs ijtihad and not resistant to the problems, it shall be approved over to him. In plenty of duration of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa salalm, she who use the hudud. In the same way, the caliphs afterwards. And deputy imam (right) as a clergyman, according to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam,' ... Hi Unais, go to her. If he revealed (adultery), rajamlah! '. Then she stated (adultery), then he merajamnya. He also requested the stoning Ma'iz, but he did not go to. "[7].

Enforce hudud is the right of the clergyman. It is the agreement of the college students of the Muslims. But there are exclusions, namely for a man who had to use his servant. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said :

If a servant lady has dedicated infidelity, and had considerably zinanya, it should be (master) flagellate (whip), and let not him menjelak-jelekannya. If she commits infidelity again, then it should be (master) chasten, and let him menjelak-jelekannya. If the third time he dedicated infidelity, let (master) to offer, although with a string created of tresses. [8]

But what about if the government bodies do not use the hudud?

Rahimauhllah Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said, "The terms of people who say, 'No right to use the hudud unless the sultan (ruler) and its representatives', is if they are in strength, provide the law ... Furthermore, if the amir (ruler) to spend hudud, or not able to use it. It is not necessary to publish hudud him, if possible without the strength to use it.

The key, actual responsibilities are created as well as possible. If possible created by an amir (ruler), then it does not need the two emirs. And if it can not be created, except with a lot of people and with no sultan (ruler), then it (can) be created, if created it does not cause higher harm than not use it. Because it contains enjoining wrongdoing. So, if you use it triggered higher harm to the kings and the people than not created, then the harm was not encountered with even higher harm. "[9]

From the terms of Shaykh al-Islam, he allows the administration of hudud by government bodies other than the three circumstances. First, the government bodies do not have, or can not manage. Second, the people who use them are able to do. If just one individual, it does not need two people. If you need more, then created by a combined. Third, in applying hudud, may not cause higher harm than not upheld.

These terms of Shaykh al-Islam can be recognized as follows:
A. That if in a condition that many monks or amir. So, every clergyman (amir) is necessary to use the hudud over his supporters (people), regardless of who is most highly effective. This is appropriate, if Allah wills.

2. That everyone is qualified to use the hudud and Qisas.
However, this probability can not be recognized. Because in contrast to ijma 'ulama, that hudud approved over to the government bodies. And it would cause disorder and higher harm. So the third situation referenced above are not met.

Therefore, making comments on the terms study by Al Qaffal which reads: Everyone should do the hudud, the Imam Nawawi may Allaah have whim say, "It's not nothing." [10]

Third: When you have repented of infidelity, whether it should be stoned?
If a individual has repented of infidelity (or robbery, consuming Your wine beverages, etc.), and his business has not been up to the government bodies to use Islamic sharia, then had fornication (flogging or stoning) tumble from the people who bum out over. It is with the justifications as follows:

Word of God:

And of two people who dedicated heinous among you, give charges to them. Then if they bum out over and increase, then let them. Verily Allah is Oft repentance, Most Merciful. [An Nisa ': 16].

So whoever bum out over (among thieves) after spending the criminal offense and increase themselves, then surely Allah allows repentance. Absolutely Allah is Flexible, Merciful. [Al Maidah: 39]

Words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

Those who bum out over of all sin as the individual who has no sin. [11]

Hadith of ibn Nu'aim Hazzal:

Formerly Ma'iz bin Malik is an orphan under the excellent my dad. Then he menzinahi a servant of the team. So, my dad said to him, "Go to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, then tell him what you have done. Hopefully, he requested absolution for you. "My dad desired it because it desires to acquire a remedy Ma'iz.
Ma'iz then went to him and said, "O Allah, indeed I have dedicated infidelity. Determine it of Allah upon me then. "Then he converted away from him.
Ma'iz then replicated and said, "O Messenger of Allah, indeed I have dedicated infidelity. So, Determine it of God upon me. "Then he converted away from him.
Ma'iz then replicated and said, "O Messenger of Allah, indeed I have dedicated infidelity. Determine it of Allah upon me then. "Until he repeat four periods.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, "You have said four periods. Then, with whom? "
He responded, "By The Fulanah." Then he said, "Did you lie to him?" He responded, "Yes." Then he said, "Did you touching his skin?" He responded, "Yes." Then he said, " Did you have sexual activity with him? "He responded," Yes. "
Then he requested them to merajamnya. Then she produced to Harrah. [12] When he was high, and then sensed a diamond's position. He gripes, then he got out and ran. Then Abdullah bin Unais followed. While other partners who had been exhausted. Abdullah then took the bone of camel situation, and used it, so he murdered him. Then he went to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and tell him. So he said, "Do not you let him, he may bum out over, and God allows repentance!?" [13]

From the terms of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "Do not you let him, he may bum out over, and God allows repentance?", Showing the loss of life of the individual who had repented of.

As if a individual has repented, and went to the Islamic kings who sustain to sustain, and had dedicated infidelity and had her choose created, then it had be created (although not mandatory). If not, then not created. [14]

Fourth. : Wajibkah tell about the last to the husband?
Not compulsory. Do not even tell the ugliness of the last. Because it as terms of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Throughout my Ummah will be pardoned, except those who create sin easily. And verily, such as (legal) sin easily, that seseoran who has done (sins) by evening, and God has protected it, and then in the day he said, "O so and so, yesterday I had to do this and that, "when his The almighty has been masking it in the evening, but in the day he started out the layer of God against him. [15]

Fifth: saying after infidelity.
Not why. Because after bum out over, then such a individual is without sin. And to teach is not necessary to clear from sin.

Sixth: What if they know the last is?
Let the individual, because it has a catastrophe.

Seventh: Methods that can take away the sin of infidelity without stoning.
Repentance, as we described above.

And Allaah knows best.

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