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Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman bin Ali Bassam Salih

Luqathah is the lost value of pemilikinya side, which was later found someone else.

Scattered products there are three kinds.

A. The first way of products that are not too exciting people attention, such as makes and items of breads or the like. These kinds of conclusions can be immediately gathered and had without having publish it.

2. Existing products that should not be withheld, because it can sustain itself, like a type of wildlife reptile, or a strong such as camels and livestock. Discovering products of this type should not be grabbed and presented.

3. Moreover to the above type, which is necessary to keep it totally without any the objective for the advantage of the owner. In this situation there are several regulations such as those described in the following hadith.

"Meaning: From Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhanny Allaah 'anhu, he said,' Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was requested about finding precious metal or precious metal are dotted. So he said, 'announce its package and string, then talk about during the season. If no one took it, then use it, and be considered as a stores. If at a certain instant individuals who try to come, then Provide to him '. He also requested about a lost camel. Then he requested, 'What is your enterprise enterprise with a camel? Let him, because he had the sneakers and the bag of water, he could toward the resource of water and eat the plants, until the owner found it '. He also requested about the goat. So he said, 'Take it, because it's yours or your sister or the wolf's ".

Someone requested the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam about the run-off from the lawful homeowner, by means of precious metal, precious metal, camels and goat's. Then he described the law to each of these products, to be able to set an example for other products such as lost or dotted, and so can be taken legislation.

He said about precious metal and precious metal coins. "Post a string used to tie and package as well as the position of precious metal or precious metal, so it can be tested among the individuals who came as the owner and the individual who came only to sustain to, because after all you already know the material . If he says the actual characteristics and you can provide it to him. If the described characteristics are not appropriate, then he is only to sustain to ".

He also requested the man who found dotted precious metal or precious metal was publish it for a 12 months since he was found. The statement was created in community, such as the mosques, the gates of mosques and locations of community events and also on where the products is found.

After it was declared over a season but the owner does not appear, then precious metal or precious metal may be used. If at some factor the owner came, then he should be given to him.

As for the camels and the like, who can keep his own lifestyle, then it should not be withheld, because he does not need to be managed. By disposition he can keep yourself, because there is durability in his people body to keep monitor itself, nor the monsters kids. Camel feet allow it to take the area, with a lengthy throat that he could take some plants and some water. In our people body there is a resource of meals, so he can keep himself up to the owner found it, he can look around the reduction.

The goat sheds or the like of creatures of his people body, then he requested them to choose it up, so as not to die and not preyed upon by greedy creatures. After selecting him to take her to the owner or he can carry it in locations where the statement, so it can be known to the owner.

A. Who gets the lost value, or run-off from the owner, it is suggested to take to be able to keep it from harm and decrease of lifestyle, especially for products that are not able to sustain itself. This professional suggestions is the most highly effective viewpoint.

2. Those who are found to be declared string, package or type, to tell apart the real who owns the individual to sustain to. The secret to success is to examine you will that must be specified by the owner. It is designed that the products were actually dotted again to the real owner.

3. Announce it for a 12 months in swarmed locations, at the gates of the mosque, in marketplaces or conference locations where found, because it is the first position that will dukunjungi owner, or publish it to the appropriate companies, such as the law enforcement place. For these days, could be declared in magazines, tv and r / c stations, if it is a very essential finding products.

4. If still not acknowledged by the owner for a season, the products may be used but it should be prepared to be given to the owner, with identical settlement or value, if it can be evaluated.

5. If a season has approved but do not identify who the owner, the individual who found it to have it with an possession because there is no other option and should not be handled as approved on its own course. If the owner comes, then the settlement should be given, or eventually left as is if the products are still there and still complete.

6. If the owner comes even after all now approved and she could name her characteristics properly, then dotted the continues to be of products must be came again to him. To come again, the owner can talk about its character types and not have to experience, because the described characteristics is adequate as proof of statement, and proof of these claims best identifies the facts of the matter and the most apparent. The talk about of its characteristics is adequate for this. This is a common concept in all conditions. No one cleric who is contrary to it.

7. Camels are lost and divided, which by his durability he was able to sustain its success, or any creature that can move, run or fly, then it should not be withheld, because of the characteristics which God created to him, to keep herself and her success. But if the camel is in position in which if the injury him, then he can be stored and are not designed to be selected.

8. As for the goat, the better after getting it is to provide him the meals he needs, or menjualnnya and keep the profits, or keep him during the statement. Depart without selecting it up, the same as allowing it die. If the owner comes, then the goat may be presented to him or purchase value if it is marketed. If the owner does not come, so he's becoming the individual who found it.

[Copied from the publication Sharh Umdatul Ahkam Taisirul Allam, writer Salih bin Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Ali Bassam, Philippines version Choice Sharh Hadith-Bukhari Islamic, Suhardi Kathur translation, creator of Darul Falah]

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