Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beautiful Islamic Quotes (20120222)-I

Hasan Al-Banna-Regarding polygamy, Islam checked out the public perspective. Comprehended that the fight that took position between the various countries believed the tumble, so many females widowed and no existing. It is better if a lady get a one fourth of a partner than a partner who "does not exist". There are periods when a lady dropped ill, he was experienced with two choices: to let her partner wed another lady while still thoughtful for him, or her partner separated her while she was in such circumstances. Islam is the remedy introduced, the partner continued to be on his wedding with her, while providing way to polygamy, with mewanti cautioned the law must be upheld. "Then if you worry can not do the law, get wed to one only or do you have cleaning slave [Surah An-Nisa: 3]. Whoever does not do the law to his spouse, on the last day he came up with an indirect rib circumstances.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham shaum-meaning third is perseverance, not the belief of Islam only theoretical understanding but also the exercise of spiritual non profit organizations. There is no coaching to be a cleaning of the individual, as successfully as shaum, qualified Allah Ramadan 30 days to be individual. Lifestyle is a analyze my companion, only to delay a effective afterlife [Sura 3:200]. Sufferer in undertaking The lord's purchases, individual away from the sinners, in a thankful individual, individual to individual in accident and effort, both would have believed, prayer and saying.

Hasan Al-Banna, Ramadan is a spiritual escape position and one stage of an exhausting voyage. Ramadan is the color, relaxed atmosphere, meals, home gardens, and parks. There followers rest and launch some of the exhaustion life. Then ask absolution to God and replenish your repentance, and display a few periods days periods days for this as ablution, clean the liver organ, offer spiritual. Develop dhikr, improve serious, improve prayer to God, experiencing Him, and more self examination.

K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar-lashing that creates an start center, and strengthen self-conscious, much better than shades reward that creates your center and ignore self.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham shaum-meaning that all four are "Alhifdzu" keep, keep consuming - consuming - sex, keep region area from sits, filthy and difficult, the Prophet said, "Whoever does not keep his mouth from sits, filthy and difficult, then God is not plan at all to determine going on a fast ", maintaining the face of adult, keep the ear of news, keep the brain from bad ideas, keep the center of the display off and egotistic, to keep from pressing the dirty arms and fingers, maintaining the feet of the actions wrong.

Hasan Al-Banna, a STUDENT who was learning the Islamic belief, IMPLEMENTING who exercise it, while the Military of the Jihad. Islam a Islamic is not ideal unless it has these three requirements as a whole.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

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