Monday, 20 February 2012

Beautiful Islamic Quotes (20120221)-I

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham-If you rest on the pole, after that the poles collapsed, after that you in addition approach to collapse. With the aim of picture rests on other than Allah, in the sphere of the elderly, wealth, take, popularity and so, therefore rely on with the aim of does not rely on somebody and no matter which, with the aim of in no way dies, in no way sleeping, aristocrat of the sky of the earth, He 'Allahushshomad'. Prophet. In addition thought, "Anyone who reads 'wa la la hawla quwwata billah illa' in the sphere of the belief with the aim of God would help him," Subhan Allah.

K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar-Depending on the income being dependent on the weak, ignorant, poor and disgraceful, but strength of character not acquire no matter which, at all times on edge and strength of character in addition participate disgraceful.

Satria Hadi Lubis -Life is abundant with have a thing about. After that why would somebody not take no for an answer on the pursuit of have a thing about from someone who does not have a thing about him?

Hasan Al-Banna, Behold the furnish with the aim of is already initiate strength of character not be present able to shut up again, the furnish with the aim of had expected the gift strength of character in no way be present able to clash with. Ayyuhal ikhwah, you know, we strength of character strive with their wealth and our own lives as a substitute of the property and lives of others.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham-Please wish concerning two paths, "We made two eyes, lip, two lips, and we initiate two roads to wish from." (Surat al-Balad [90]: 9-10) "Have not believe, recently like the kufr." (Surat al-Kahf [18]: 29). The Apostle of Allah thought, "All my colonize reach to heaven but execute not poverty to". So it is obvious to general impression already knew haq fabrication with the consequence of both, rebuff execute NOT KNOW, BUT execute NOT poverty. From at present on execute not continually say, "I maintain not customary guidance but let's say I execute not poverty guidance".

K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar-There are thinking to boast strength of character be present glorious, but with the aim of strength of character go on is the opposite, for the reason that the glory strength of character be present attached to the humble.

Hasan Al-Banna-People who are reluctant to marry for the reason that it wanted to prevent the burden of reliability are the ones who lost. In favor of alarm of giving a living to progress to one's conviction is flawed. "We did not ask in favor of affluence to you, we who let somebody have sustenance to you. And it is a first-class consequence in favor of folks who alarm Him." (Surah Taha [20]: 132)

Satria Hadi Lubis-If you poverty to see to it that the purity and ecstasy of life, look by the side of the eyes of a innocent person.

Hasan Al-Banna chuck have a thing about the take, honor and fame. Beramallah with confidence, determination, and courage, with God in the sphere of tawakal to satisfy. "And God is not vacant to ravage your conviction. Verily Allah is concerned, Merciful to men" (Surat Al-Baqarah [2]: 143)

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

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