Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beautiful Islamic Quotes (20120221)-IV

Hasan Al-Banna-household life is life "work". He was dyed by the burden of expense and liability obligations. Household basis to a certain extent than sheer pleasure and romance, but please help, enhance mutual, loving, and hopeful every other to bear the burden of life.

K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar-People organize not pass the exam not for the reason that but on behalf of the abuse answer, so with the aim of makes us not fail to speak to the problems of life but single gush.

Hasan Al-Banna-wah was not in performance around. You command enter into various troublesome path, and command appear surrounded by you who the doers and makers who smash up. In that case you take part in to tolerant. Organize not accede to you take place the cause of enmity with someone outside of you, so with the aim of introduce somebody to an area can reach a decision calm. Take place long-suffering so with the aim of Allah release the hearts of us with them. Guidance is God who controls him.

K. H. -Prophet Muhammad Arifin Ilham repeat kedzholiman maximum of all kedzholiman very fast and is tempting blow reinforcements "When did the theft of ordinary introduce somebody to an area, you enforce the law on behalf of them exclusive of allowing for the background of their circumstances, but if the right introduce somebody to an area stealing your eyes, you try looking on behalf of ways to alleviate them and the law "... How does God help us, if we organize not mind in relation to the orphans? (Qur'an: 17:16)

Hasan Al-Banna-Any person who has been fielded himself to missionary sphere, he ought to take place long-suffering to soreness drive to organize, and in no way a long time ago despaired. For the reason that the real victory was behind it. "Do you think with the aim of you command take place gone to heaven, but you take part in not happen to trial having the status of well having the status of folks who agreed away otherwise you?. They are overwritten by the havoc and misery, and shaken (with the other trials), so assumed the Apostle and folks believers who accompanied "when was the help of Allah happen?, Remember with the aim of the help of Allah is near". (Al Baqarah: 214)

In the main, Lubis-Hadi Satria, we seek pleasure to a certain extent than happiness. On behalf of with the aim of we unearth it an uncomplicated and delicious, but mortal. Yet happiness with the aim of near is often a tricky road and climb with the aim of requires patience.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham-Prayer with the aim of is begging, insistent with the aim of is requested, ask on behalf of it wealth it took. We are extremely disgraceful otherwise the faqir and HIS, "O ye men who need God, He is Allah is Praiseworthy" (Surah: 35: 15). He was very delighted with the purring servants featuring in prayer, "Two 'il mulihhiin". All take place destroyed and lost, from hopefulness to God ought to not take place destroyed and lost. So pray all my expectations, really nothing is unmanageable on behalf of HIM, my companion.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

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