Monday, 20 February 2012

Beautiful Islamic Quotes (20120221)-III

Hasan Al-Banna, gratitude to an enemy or else opponent opponent. They would every time look meant for weaknesses and kejelekanmu. If you know with the aim of they're liability it to you, afterward you perform not need to come about angry. But it was the praise of God, for the reason that He has appointed meant for you other introduce somebody to an area who can understand the shortcomings, for the reason that you perform not understand the lack of it. They willpower come about frank in the sphere of explaining shortcomings. Pay attention carefully to what did you say? They say not far off from you for the reason that it is added worth to television by hand. In the same way as meant for your own contacts, afterward he would feel ashamed and self-conscious to put on view the lack thereof.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham-sign of God's beauty, his servant diberkahinya, what did you say? Happened to the slaves with the aim of made him closer to Allah, the Prophet Joseph, with his considerable is not tempted to commit falseness with the power of Solomon the talented prostration to Allah, the Prophet Ayyub degan torture increasingly willing to qodhonya, the Prophet Muhammad in the same way as "sayyidil Mursalin" the talented Imams of the Prophet istiqfarnya to God and humble in the sphere of his measure ... Opportune prayer, cruel, stay, that's a blessing my lonely.

Hasan Al-Banna, the Brotherhood and gentlemen, we need to pleat it. We wanted a Da'i who say Allahu Akbar. Dai is not a call to the property, or else the rank, rank, rank, and honor. But a preacher who calls leading us to God, to holiness. Afterward we can superlative carry out with the aim of calling mungkun and with the superlative on the cards inclination in the same way as well. In the same way as whilst we stood up and faced the Qibla direction, facing the Qibla to unite the goals.

K. H. Abdullah Gymnastiar-weight to come about straightforward for the reason that we are still very hopeful and frightened by humans, but all the delights and disasters can go on lone with the authorization of Allah.

Hadi Lubis knight-Ya Allah ... If death comes meant for me made me willing to leave the beauty of this humankind. Let somebody have me the life of the Hereafter is added beautiful than the life of this humankind.

Hasan Al-Banna-fact humankind practiced a overall emergency with the aim of afflicts the soul tribe with such magnitude, the cause is nothing but greed. Miserliness miserly opinion of self not lone to remove the property, but in addition includes discern of ego and a moment ago perform something meant for the sake of itself on your own. So near goes the be keen on and affection concerning soul beings, and they are in the sphere of a never-ending conflict.

K. H. Muhammad Arifin Ilham-A woman believes in the sphere of Allah and the hereafter is not permissible to travel available of the accommodation if not accompanied by a father, companion, young man, tend, / mahram woman-friend "(Muslim). A operate ought to not come about a brace both women if not accompanied by mahramnya and women ought to not travel not including with a mahram "(Agreed leading him). Closes her nakedness, and her social honor is preserved Shari'a of Allah so with the aim of women and introduce somebody to an area survived the afterlife. (Qur'an: 24: 31)

Beautiful Islamic Quotes

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