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The Rules of Welcomes New Year Celebration (1)

Al-Lajnah Ad-Da'imah Lil Buhuts Al-Ilmiah wal al-Ifta

Al-Lajnah Ad-Da'imah Lil Buhuts Al-Ilmiah wal al-Ifta were asked:
[1]. In recent days, we witnessed how the onslaught of mass-media coverage of mass-media (print and electronic) in order to welcome the coming year and the beginning of the Third Millennium 2000M surrounding the events and procession-the procession. Seen that those who disbelieve from among the Jews and Christians, and besides they are so happily hang with the expectations of it.

The question, O noble Shaykh. Indeed some of those who attribute themselves as Muslims have also shown concern for this and consider it a happy momentum so linking it with the marriage, their work or display / paste the announcement about it on the altars of trade or their companies and others that negative impact for a Muslim.

In this case, whether such law momentum mengangungkan and greet and congratulate each other, therefore, either orally, through a special card that is printed and so forth, according to Islamic law? May Allah reward you the reward of good deeds against Islam and the Muslims with the best of rewards.

[2]. In other versions of question: The Jews and Christians getting ready to welcome the coming new year 2000 AD based on their history in an unusual form for the sake of promoting the programs and their beliefs throughout the world, particularly in Islamic countries .

Some Muslims have been affected by this campaign so that they seem prepared everything for it, and among them there are announcing discounted rates (discount) on goods dagangannnya special for this momentum. Presumably, it is feared this later developed into Aqeedah of the Muslims in the air-wala '(loyal) against those non-Muslims.

We hope you get an explanation about the participation of Muslim law in a momentum-momentum of the infidels, promoting it and welcome. Likewise, the law of disabling work activities by some institutions of the company with respect to it.

Does doing anything of these things and semisalnya or are willing to it affect the Aqeedah of a Muslim?

An answer.
Truly the greatest favors bestowed by God to His servants is Islam favors and guidance to His ways are straight. Among the mercy Similarly, Allah Almighty to His servants requires, the Faithful, in order to invoke hidayahNya in their prayers. They begged him to get guidance to the straight and steady on it. In this case, Allah Almighty has given the path specification (shirath) as the path of the Prophets, Ash-Shiddiqin, Martyrs and righteous people who He anugrahkan pleasure to them. So, instead of the way people Jew, Christian and all the infidels and the polytheists who deviate from it.

If this is already known, then it is obligatory for a Muslim to know the content of God's favor to him, so with that, he will give thanks to Him through words, actions and beliefs. In the meantime, he will also keep this delicious and membentenginya and do the causes that can keep the lost of such favors.

For people who are given bashiroh (deep understanding) of Dienullah in the current world conditions today are covered by the confusion between al-Haq and evil in most people, he will have a clear effort made by the enemies of Islam to erase the truth and extinguish light, an attempt to distance the Muslims from him and they broke contact with him through various means by which. Not to mention, efforts to worsen the image of Islam and labels tuhudan terhadanya and lies in order to block the entire mankind from the path of God and of faith in the revelation sent down to His Messenger, Muhammad bin Abdullah. Justification statement is evidenced by the words of Allah Ta'ala.

"It means: Most of the book they want to be able to bring you back to disbelief after we believe, out of envy that (arising) from themselves, after manifest in them the truth" [Al-Baqarah: 109]

"Meaning: A section of the scribes want to mislead you, when they (actually) not misleading but themselves, and they do not realize it" [Ali-Imran: 69]

"Meaning: O ye who believe, if ye obey those who disbelieve, they shall bring thee back (to disbelief), and be ye men of loss" [Ali-Imran: 149]

"It means: Say, O scribe, why are you obstructing the path of Allah those who have faith, you make it crooked, when ye see," Allah is not unmindful of what ye do "[Aal 'Imraan: 99]

And other verses. Yet even so, Allah Ta'ala has promised to keep track dienNya and his book, in a word.

"Which means: Verily We were the lowering of the Qur'an and We will truly preserve" [Al-Hijr: 9]

Praise be to Allah with a lot of praise.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has been reported that there will always come a group of his people who walk on the al-Haq, they do not endanger people who insult them or oppose them until the day of Judgement. Praise be to Allah a lot of praise and we ask Him the Most Near and Granting Petition for making us and our brothers the Muslims including those from the class, in fact He is Most Gracious, Most Noble.

With this, Al-Standing Committee Ad-Daa'imah Lil Buhuts Scientific wal Ifta after hearing and seeing such a rousing welcome and a serious concern and some classes of Jews and Christians as well as people who attribute themselves to Islam who are affected by them in respect to have been the end of 2000 and the momentum to meet the Third Millennium BC by Calendar, then like it or not, Standing Committee of Scientific Buhuts Daa'imah Lil wal Ifta required to provide advice and explanations to all the Muslims about the nature of this momentum and the holy Shari'a law is against him so that the Muslims understand with both their deen and be careful. Thus, do not fall into the evils of the Jewish people and the wrath of the people Christian, heretical.

Therefore, we declare.

Those Jews and Christians rely incidents, complaints and their hopes to the momentum of the Millennium was so convinced of the realization of it or at least, almost so because they supposedly this has been through the process of study and research. Similarly, they relate their aqeedah ngaitkan some problems with this momentum with the assumption that it originated from the teachings of those books that have been changed. So, it is obligatory for a Muslim to not turn to it and be tempted by it even should have enough with his Lord Almighty Book and the Sunnah of His Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and do not need anymore than both. While the theories and opinions that are contrary to both, he is no more just a mere illusion.

This momentum and semisalnya not escape from the confusion between al-Haq and sleaze, propaganda to kufr, apostasy, permisivisme (permissiveness) and atheism as well as the appearance of something which, according to Shari'ah is something that is unjust. Among the things it is propaganda for the unification of religions (pluralism), equating Islam with streams and other heretical sects, purification of the cross and the appearance syi'ar-syi'ar infidelity committed by the people and the Jewish Christians can and deed-pebuatan and that such utterances that contain a few things: it could be, a statement that the Shari'ah and the Jewish Christians can already be replaced and removed may submit to God. It could be also, a good assumption for some of the teachings of both religions are opposed to deen al-Islam. Or anything other than that which is a form of kufr in Allah and His Messenger, to Islam and the ijma 'of this people. Not to mention, it is as one means of westernization of the Muslims of their religious teachings.

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