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Menstruating women PREGNANT

Menstruating women PREGNANT

Shaykh Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen Sholeh

In general, if a woman is pregnant will stop your period (menstruation). Said Imam Ahmad, may Allaah have mercy, "Women can know the existence of pregnancy with the cessation of menstruation".

If a pregnant woman to bleed shortly before delivery (two or three days), accompanied by pain, then the blood is the blood of childbirth. But if it occurs well before birth or near birth without pain, then the blood is not a puerperal abscess. If not, does that include menstrual blood which applies to him the laws of menstrual blood called dirty or where the law does not like the laws of menstruation? There is a difference of opinion among the scholars on this issue.

And the opinion is right, that the blood is menstrual blood was the event in women according to the menstrual habits. Because, in principle, the blood that occurs in women during the menstrual blood is no reason to reject it as menstrual blood. And there is no statement in the Qur'an and Sunnah that reject the possibility of the occurrence of menstruation in women pregnant.

This is the madhhab of Imam Malik and Ash-Shafi'i, is also a choice of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. Mentioned in the book Al-Ikhtiyarat (hal.30): "And declared by al-Bayhaqi according to one of history as the opinion of Imam Ahmad, and even stated that Imam Ahmad had returned to this opinion".

Thus, the period shall apply to pregnant women what is true of non-pregnant menstruating women, except in two problems:

[1]. Separations.
Mentalak prohibited non-pregnant women in a state of menstruation, but not forbidden to pregnant women. Therefore, the divorce in a state of menstruation for women not pregnant violates the word of Allah Ta'ala.

"It means: .... If you divorce your wives so be ye divorce them when they can be (against) iddahnya (reasonable) ...." [Ath-Thalaaq: 1].

Mentalak As for pregnant women in a state of menstruation does not violate the word of God. Therefore, pregnant women who mentalak mentalaknya at the time meant he could face the iddahnya, either in a state of menstruation or holy, because the iddahnya with the pregnancy. To that end, not prohibited mentalak pregnant women even after doing jima '(intercourse), and different laws with non-pregnant women.

[2]. Iddah.
For pregnant women iddahnya ends with childbirth, even though once menstruation when pregnant or not. Based on the word of Allah Ta'ala.

"Meaning: The women who are pregnant, their iddah time it is until they give birth abortion" [Ath-Thalaaq: 4]

[Copied from the book of Minutes Fid Dimaa 'Ath-Lin Thabii'iyah Nisa'. The author Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-'Utsaimin, edition of Indonesia Blood Habits Women. Translators. Muhammad Yusuf Harun, MA, Issue. Jakarta Dar ul Haq]

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