Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Meaning of Menstruation and The Wisdom

The Meaning of Menstruation and The Wisdom

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen

[1]. The Meaning of Menstruation
According to the language, means something menstrual flow. And according to the terms Personality 'is the blood that occurs naturally in women, not for some reason, and at a certain time. So the blood of menstruation is normal, is not caused by an illness, injury, miscarriage or birth. Because he was a normal blood, the blood is different according to the conditions, environment and climate, resulting in significant differences in each woman.

[2]. The Wisdom of Menstruation

As for the silver lining, that because the fetus is inside the womb as the mother can not eat are eaten by children outside the womb, and it is impossible for the mother to deliver something for her food, then Allah Ta'ala has made the women themselves spending process blood is useful as nutrients for the fetus in the mother's womb without the need to be eaten and digested, which came to the fetus through the umbilical cord, where the blood through the veins and penetrate into the food substance. Glory of God, He is the Best Creator.

This is the wisdom of menstruation. Therefore, if a woman is pregnant does not get your period again, except rarely. Similarly, women who breastfeed little menstruation, especially in the early period of lactation.

[Copied from the book of Minutes Fid Dimaa 'Ath-Lin Thabii'iyah Nisa'. The author Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-'Utsaimin, edition of Indonesia Blood Habits Women. Translators. Muhammad Yusuf Harun, MA, Issue. Jakarta Dar ul Haq]

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