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What Al-Quran Reading Law?


Lajnah Da’imah Lil Buhuts Al-Ilmiah Wal Ifta asked: What the rule to read the Qur'an, obligatory or sunnah, because we are often asked about the ruling. Some people say that the rule is not mandatory, if reading Qur'an or not is ok. If the statement is true, many of people will leave the Qur'an, then what is the rule leave Quran and what is the rule read it?
Praise be to Allah, prayers and greetings hopefully to His Apostle, family and companion, wa ba'du.
Which is prescribed as a right for Muslims is always keep to read the Quran and do as best as the implementation of the word of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

"Which means: Recite what has been revealed to you, namely the Book (Qur'an)" [Al-Ankabut: 45]

And words.

"Which means: Recite what has been revealed to you the Book of your Lord (the Qur'an)" [al-Kahf: 27]

His words also about the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam

"Which means: And I command that I may include people who give themselves up. And so I read the Qur'an (to humans) "[An-Naml: 91-92]

And because the word of Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

"Which means: Recite the Qur'an because he really come to give syafa'at for readers in the Day of Judgement" [1]

It's supposed to be a Muslim away from the left and from the break up with Qur'an, though in any way shape leaves which have been mentioned by the scholars in interpreting the meaning of the Quran hajrul. Imam Ibn Kathir says in Tafsinya rahimahullah (Tafseer Ibn Katheer 6 / 117): Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says give khabar about the Apostle and His Prophet, Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that he said.

"Meaning: O Lord, my people make the Qur'an is something to be ignored" [Al-Furqan: 30]

That's because the idolaters do not want to stay still and listen to the Quran as Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

"Which means: And those who disbelieve say, 'Do not listen to the Qur'an seriously and make the hustle and bustle to it" [Fushishilat: 26]

When the Qur'an are recited to them, they make noise, hustle and bustle of the sayings of others, so do not hear it, this includes hujran meaning of the Qur'an. Did not believe him and do not justify including hujran meaning. Not to tadabburi and not try to understand including hujran. Do not practice it, do not carry out his orders and not away from the prohibitions including hujran meaning. Turn away from it to something else, whether it be sya'ir, conversation, games, discussion or guidance taken from other than the Qur'an, all of it including the meaning hujran.

Wabillah at-taufiq sallallaahu wa 'ala Muhammad wa nabiyyina aalihi shahbihi wa wa sallam.

[Copied from the book FII Ihtiraamil Qur'an Fatwas 70, Indonesia 70 issue Fatwa On Al-Quran, Composer Abu Anas Abu Ali ibn Husayn Luz, Penerbit Darul Haq]
Foote Notes
[1]. Issued by Muslim, no. 804, in prayer wa al-Musafirin Qashruhu, chapter II of the hadeeth of Abu Al-Bahili Umaamah radi 'anhu

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