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We intestate To Every Muslim To Educate Their Children For Memorizing the Quran

Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Jibrin

Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Jibrin asked: As you know that Al-Quran Al-Karim has an important role was clear in the behavior of Muslim families and communities. Do you have any suggestions in this blessed thing, especially because the Muslims have no desire to put their children into the education memorized Qur'an.?

An answer.
It was very nice thou, O questioner and no more extra for what you mentioned.

No doubt that the Qur'an is word of God, and only read it because God, you can get a reward, so the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

"Meaning: Whoever reads a letter from the Quran, then he gets one good, while virtue was rewarded with a ten-fold, I did not say Alif Lam Mim is one letter, but Alif one letter, Lam one letter and Mim one letter "[1]

If a case like this then it, every Muslim's must have attention to the Qur'an, consider reading it, tajwid and always read it many times so that he included in the class of people who read the Qur'an in good faith, should set a daily schedule to read it , so there is no day that goes by without reading the Quran.

If he has such a special time of after Shubuh prayer and after Maghrib prayers, he took the Manuscripts and continue to read it-if-he did not know what that is easy to read to him every day. In this way means that he has noticed the Qur'an and not leave it, for Allah denounced the people who left it in His word.

"Which means: And the Apostle said," O my Lord! Truly my people have made the Qur'an is something that ignored "[Al-Furqan: 30]

This means that they turn away from Al-Qur'an.

Leave it is turned away from him, do not read it properly and in accordance with the others, is related to the layman.

So also we wasiatkan to those Muslims of good to himself and the love of neighbor, to educate their children to memorize the Book of God since early childhood, making them a love for the Book of Allah and taught since childhood that they grow up educated in understanding the Book of Allah .

Indeed Jam'iyah Khairiyah widely spread in this country (Saudi Arabia), in each area their are schools for teaching the Quran. The children usually have free time in the evenings after ashr, they do not have busy, so the father should have brought their children and combine them in these schools and to encourage and enthuse them for it although the prize lured to attend there and memorize it.

With things like that mean God Almighty to give benefits to them and they give the benefit of parents. Talk about these benefits are well-known by all (people), not here the place for explanations.

[Copied from the book Fatwa FII Ihtiraamil Qur'an 70, edition of Indonesia 70 Fatwa On Al-Quran, Composer Abu Anas Abu Ali ibn Husayn Luz, publisher Dar al Haq]
Foote Notes
[1]. Hadith issued by al-Tirmidhi from Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud radi 'anhu no. 2910 Book of Fadhail Quran, chapter: 16. Al-Tirmidhi said: This hadeeth hasan hadeeth, this hadith is also classed as saheeh by al-Albani, Sahih al-Jami see 5 / 340

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