Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The person who expert reading the Qur'an together with Angels honor

Lajnah Da’imah Lil Buhuts Al-Ilmiah Wal Ifta

Lajnah Da’imah Lil Buhuts Al-Ilmiah Wal Ifta asked: I read the Qur'an and not able to memorize it, do I get a reward?

Praise be to Allah, prayers and greetings hopefully devoted to the Apostles and their families and companion, wa ba'du.

People who read the Qur'an and to practice and understand it  and he would be rewarded, though not memorize it, as in the hadith narrated by Aisha radi 'anha. He said: The Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said.

"Meaning: People who are adept at reading the Quran, he was with the angels who are respect and people who stammer in reading the Qur'an and are having difficulty, then the two rewards for him" [1]

Wabillah at-taufiq sallallaahu wa 'ala Muhammad wa nabiyyina aalihi shahbihi wa sallam.

[Copied from the book FII Ihtiraamil Qur'an Fatwas 70, Indonesia 70 issue Fatwa On Al-Quran, Composer Abu Anas Abu Ali ibn Husayn Luz, Penerbit Darul Haq]
Foote Notes
[1]. Hadith pieces issued by Imam Muslim from the hadeeth of Aisha radi 'anha no. 244 - (898), the book of al-wa Musafirin Qashruha, ch. 38

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